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Introduction du cours

This course explores wireframes and prototypes through the lens of design. Wireframes are simple but effective ways to communicate your ideas. They're like creative blueprints that guide your visual design.

Taking the time to sketch wireframes before you start working on the computer will save you time and energy. By creating a low-fidelity mock-up, you'll be able to get a better understanding of what is necessary on each screen, whether something functions as you expected, and how users respond to it through quick testing.

For the first part of the course we'll reverse engineer existing websites and apps in order to build your own library of essential and common design elements. We'll examine the psychology behind design as well as interaction design.

During the second part of the course, we'll examine wireframes and prototypes in the context of the design process, including how to move fast during the design process. You'll probably be surprised how much you can create and accomplish within a limited time frame.

Each chapter includes a prompt and a mini challenge to help you build your skills and to set you up for success in future projects!

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