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Introduction du cours

If you use Python regularly, either for work or play, it is essential to be able to set up your Python local development environment correctly.

In this course you will learn how to configure Python environments so that everyone working on a project has exactly the same environment, and so that you can switch between working on different projects seamlessly.

You will explore PyPI, the Python Package Index, to make use of the plethora of open-source Python packages at your fingertips. 

Next you will get to grips with how to manage your local development environment when working on individual, team, and commercial projects.

You will use pip , the Python Package Installer, to manage your Python packages inside virtual environments.  

Finally, you will learn how using an IDE (an Integrated Development Environment – we'll usePyCharm) will improve your workflow and help you work more efficiently. We will explore features including project specific settings, integrating your editor with your virtual environments, and getting the most out of keyboard shortcuts.

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Meet Your Teachers

George designed and developed the content of this course and will guide you through several of the tasks via screencast video demonstrations. He is a born and bred Londoner. After initially working as a high school mathematics teacher for several years, George converted to software development and hasn’t looked back. He now runs Lambert Labs, a Python-focused software development agency in London. 

Photo of Daniel Timms

Daniel presents this course in the introduction video. He is a software developer and the teacher of the course Write Maintainable Python Code.

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