What we do

OpenClassrooms is an online platform offering top quality, education-to-employment programs and career coaching services for students worldwide. If you are looking for the next steps in your career, OpenClassrooms will get you there.

A new way to learn

Different from all other online learning platforms, our Career Paths include weekly, one-on-one mentorship sessions with a dedicated professional in each field, supporting you through your studies. Additionally, we base our curriculum specifically around the competencies you need to thrive on the job. Our programs are project-driven. There are no tests or studying for exams. Instead, you learn experientially, the fastest way to become operational. Finally, all courses are self-paced to fit into your schedule.

The diploma qualification you need

With OpenClassrooms, students can earn bachelor’s and master’s-level diplomas in web development, data, IT, project management and more. We also teach crucial soft skills such as working effectively in teams, public speaking, and learning how to learn efficiently; among others. Our Career Paths that lead to state-endorsed diplomas are affordable and payable monthly. You can stop and start as you need.

Focused on your future

We are committed to providing top quality education as well as building careers. At the end of a diploma program, we help students find a job in their target fields through career coaching services. We are so confident in our dual model, we offer a worldwide hired or refunded guarantee whereby tuition fees are reimbursed if a student does not find a job within 6 months of graduation.*

Our mission is to make education accessible to everyone, everywhere.

We believe that education is a basic human right. All people should be able to access an education that leads to the advancement of their careers and their earning power. This mission informs absolutely everything we do as a company. Passionately and persistently, we guide our students to success.

It all started in 1999 in the south of France when Mathieu Nebra, at only 13 years old, wanted to learn to code. He couldn’t find a book or online source that taught coding simply and clearly for beginners. In response, he launched his own course online on a blog he called Site du Zero (or “Learn from Scratch”). Soon after, Mathieu met Pierre Dubuc. They teamed up to grow the site’s community and develop its content. Quickly Site du Zero became a reference point for the French-speaking web.

In 2013, Pierre and Mathieu launched OpenClassrooms, an online platform offering free courses on a multitude of subjects. Today we offer Career Paths from which students can earn French state-endorsed, bachelor’s- and master’s-level diplomas.

Since the beginning, the goal has been to make complex ideas and skills accessible to all — even for beginners with no experience. But an education is not complete if it does not lead to a career. That is why OpenClassrooms focuses on the employability of our students. As such, we have a big goal. By 2025 we will help one million OpenClassrooms students find jobs and advance their careers each year.

*Subject to the conditions set out in the Terms of Service