Make education accessible

OpenClassrooms’ mission is to make education accessible. We are an online school helping thousands of individuals all over the world develop their skills and progress in their career.

OpenClassrooms has been a mission-driven company since 2018 and obtained B Corp certification in 2021.

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100% online, 100% job-ready

OpenClassrooms' powers a learning platform with more than 600 online courses on a wide range of subjects, from coding and software engineering to management and soft skills. 

Additionally, OpenClassrooms offers more than 50 complete training programs, leading to career-focused skills: web development, application development, cybersecurity analysis, instructional design, etc.

OpenClassrooms' pedagogical model is built around one priority: the employability of its students. 

  • Our +3,000 mentors are here to support students on their learning path and help them navigate through scenario-based projects

  • Most of the paths lead to accredited diplomas.

OpenClassrooms creates and produces all its courses and pedagogical content, thanks to an instructional design team and a media studio based in our Paris headquarters.

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OpenClassrooms’ commitment

Pierre Dubuc and Mathieu Nebra,

OpenClassrooms co-founders

“Our mission is to make education accessible. We are focusing our efforts on professional education, with the aim of helping 500,000 individuals progress in their career every year, in one way or another.”

Our mission journey

  • 1999

    Pierre Dubuc and Mathieu Nebra met in 1999. Both shared the same passion for and commitment to accessible education for all, they created the Site du Zéro, one of the first forums dedicated to web development in French. A growing community gradually built around the Site du Zéro, which quickly became a reference on the French web.
  • 2013

    The two co-founders’ first try at entrepreneurship flourished into OpenClassrooms, a 100% online school, with one mission: to make education accessible.
  • 2018

    OpenClassrooms becomes a mission-driven company (becoming a pioneer in French mission-driven companies) ahead of its Series B fundraising round of US$60 million and creates the Mission Committee the following year.
  • 2020

    • Publication of the first Mission Report.
    • OpenClassrooms changes its bylaws to officially become a mission-driven company.
  • 2021

    • OpenClassrooms was certified as a B Corp.
    • Publication of the 2nd Mission Report.
    • Serie C fundraising: US$80 million dollars.
  • 2022

    • OpenClassrooms officially becomes a registered apprenticeship provider in the United States.
    • Publication of the 3rd Mission Report.
  • 2023

B Corp certified company

As a B Corp-certified company, OpenClassrooms takes immense pride in being a valued member of the community of companies making a positive impact. With a 101.2 score, OpenClassrooms has been recognized for its governance and positive impact on its students. 

B Corp companies form an international community of 5,000 members who passed a rigorous certification process to demonstrate their positive impact on all their stakeholders. OpenClassrooms was awarded high scores in the Governance and Customers categories.

B Corp certified companyOpenClassrooms’ scoreQualifies for B Corp certificationMedian score for ordinary businesses

Our commitments to the environment

Any economic activity will have an impact on the planet. In the traditional in-person learning system, a student emits on average 1T of CO2e per year. OpenClassrooms students emit 32kg CO2e on average, and we’re working on reducing that number.

Our carbon strategy is threefold:

  • Measurement –We’ve implemented a monthly report of our emissions, in order to treat the topic not as an a retrospective picture of our past emissions but as something we budget and plan for, with a realistic and controlled approach.
  • Reduction –We currently have several initiatives within the company that will help us reduce our emissions: HR policies favoring sustainable transportation, website optimization, and lowering the resolution of some of our videos, to name a few.
  • Contributions to the fight against climate warming through philanthropy –We decided to commit to a yearly donation whose amount is based on our yearly emissions as well as the current carbon prices. The donations are made to non-profit organizations participating in carbon removal initiatives, research on green energies or other projects seeking to curb climate change and ensure the implementation of the 2015 Paris Agreement. In 2022, OpenClassrooms donated €85,000 to Carbon 180.

Our commitments to diversity and inclusion

OpenClassrooms’ mission is to make education accessible for everyone. One of the obstacles to accessibility is the lack of diversity, creating cultural, economic and social barriers impeding the access to education and professional inclusion.

This is why we are committed to measuring the diversity of all our stakeholders, and to take action to create an inclusive workplace and learning space, so that everyone — employees, students, or mentors — is given the best opportunity to succeed.

In 2022, we led an ambitious diversity and inclusion DEI survey run by our employees and a sample of 3,000 of our students. The results of those 2 studies have given us precious insight into what we can do to foster a better learning and working space, and create a more equitable and inclusive society.

Being accessible also means having a platform designed to be inclusive for everyone, including people with disabilities. We strive to be compliant with AA success criteria (WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards).
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