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Start an apprenticeship with OpenClassrooms and become future-proof. Your 100% online training will earn you a diploma and is 100% funded by your employer.

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Do you want to change your career? With an apprenticeship, start a real job from day one. OpenClassrooms helps you find an employer and gets you started: no need to pay for anything.


  • Video courses and real-life projects accessible 24/7
  • 100% online: work where you want, when you want and start anytime
  • Weekly personal coaching sessions with a mentor who's an expert in your field
  • French diplomas ranging from Associate's- to Master's-level
  • Free of charge if you are less than 30 years old and/or a jobseeker in France

How does it work?

Your path is personalized, you can start when you want. Here are your next steps:

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    Apply now

    Apply for an apprenticeship by completing the apprenticeship request form. We'll validate your project with you.
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    Find a company with the help of a coach

    We help you find a company willing to hire you as an apprentice in the career path you've chosen. A career-coach works with you every week providing help and guidance in your hunt for apprenticeship.
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    Learn online, acquire real work experience

    Earn money from day one by working for a real company. Learn valuable skills by building hands-on projects and kickstart your new career.
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    Earn your diploma

    Boost your career with a professional skills-based diploma and significant work experience.


Anyone who has the right to work in France aged 16–29 and/or jobseekers can apply. There may be others outside of these basic qualifications that may qualify. Learn more here.

While OpenClassrooms will assist you with finding an apprenticeship using a career-placement coach, finding an employer to sponsor your apprenticeship is your responsibility.

Our admission team answers to all applications within 7 business days on average.

Your training is 100% online and you can learn from the comfort of your home! You will benefit from a remote, individual mentor session each week. On top of this, you will spend time on-site working for your employer.

If you have the right to work in France, the prerequisites are related to the path you're registering for. You can see all our paths here.

You don't have to pay anything.

The duration of the apprenticeship varies from 12 to 36 months.

You're paid from the first day of your contract with an apprentice wage. In the case of an apprenticeship contract, you'll benefit from a salary that's linked to your age. The minimum salary corresponds with something called the Smic or SMC (the minimum wage) for those over 21 years of age your salary will go up with every year you take part in the program. In the case of a professional contract, the compensation is dependant on your initial level of training and your age.

OpenClassrooms is an online training educational institution recognised by l'Académie de Paris. It issues its own diplomas and also partners with prestigious academic institutions. At the end of your training and with the validation of the diploma by a jury, you'll be able to receive a diploma registered with the "Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles" or the RNCP. The level of your diploma depends on the path you've decided to follow. It could go to level 6 (Bac +3) or 7 (Bac +5) on the European qualifications framework.

To start your training as an apprentice, you'll first have to find a company to take you and in general it takes around 2 months. One of our coaches, who works in the milieu, will help secure a contract by using all the tools he or she has available to them.

To organise your apprenticeship and your training, you'll have to follow a personalised calendar that's been agreed upon by OpenClassrooms and your employer. The amount of time spent in either training or working is seven hours except in special cases.

Every person who has the right to work in France is eligible for an apprenticeship. If you're a European citizen you'll have the possibility to take part in an apprenticeship program. You'll only need an ID. If you're not a European citizen: you can still get an apprenticeship contract but you'll have to prove that you've done a year of studying in France. You'll also have to obtain a permanent resident card which says you're a student.

Our team will follow you throughout your training period. If you haven't finished the training in the time allotted, you may be forced to personally finance the path until you've received your diploma.