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A new start at any age with OpenClassrooms apprenticeships

Kick off a new career thanks to our online apprenticeship programs with mentor support! These career fast tracks offer a professional qualification, a salary, and funding from host companies across France. Start any day of the year, wherever you are.

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Benefits of OpenClassrooms apprenticeships

  • Flexibility

    Start your apprenticeship when it suits you and set your work-study schedule with your host company.

  • Coaching

    Our teams offer you group coaching sessions to optimize your application (CV, cover letters, networking) and help you find your host company.

  • Monthly salary and no fees

    Your host company covers your training and pays you a monthly salary, based on your specific situation. Our coaches can help you negotiate your salary.

  • From 16 to 99 years old

    Apprenticeship contracts for everyone over 16 years of age, depending on specific admission and eligibility criteria.

How does it work?

Your path is personalized, you can start when you want. Here are your next steps:

  1. 1

    Complete your application

    Set aside enough time to fill out the form and prepare your dossier.
  2. 2

    Receive a reply within 2 working days

    Our Admission service checks that your profile is eligible for your chosen apprenticeship program then contacts you to arrange a final interview.
  3. 3

    Find a host company with support from OpenClassrooms

    • Employers ready to hire you through hundreds of apprenticeship job offers, all over France
    • Your detailed profile visible on the space dedicated to partner employers
    • Group coaching sessions to help you find your ideal apprenticeship
    Already found your host company?
    Simply mention it in your application. We’ll contact you to validate your dossier then discuss contracts with your chosen host company.
  4. 4

    Work in a company and study with your mentor

    Thanks to your apprenticeship, start your new career right away. Work 3 to 4 days a week in a company, learn the profession on the job and earn a salary. At the same time, study with OpenClassrooms each week from home. With the support of your mentor and their expertise in the field, acquire in-demand skills via concrete professional projects.
  5. 5

    Get your diploma and find a job

    Get a head start in your new career with a French state-recognized diploma based on professional projects and substantial business experience. At the end of your apprenticeship, get help from our teams to transform your work-study program into paid employment and prepare you for job interviews if necessary.
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Your schedule and support

In your host company

On-the-job training

  • Working on company assignments
  • 4 days a week (days of your choice) with attendance reduced to 3 days 1 to 2 times a month

Workplace advisor

In your company
  • Onboards you into their team
  • Provides support and guidance

On OpenClassrooms

Off-the-job training

  • 100% online
  • Project-based learning
  • 1 day a week + 1 extra day 1 to 2 times a month

OpenClassrooms mentor

Expert in the field
  • Hosts weekly one-to-one sessions
  • Helps you acquire in-demand skills

Why choose OpenClassrooms?

  • 100% online

    Distance learning with no daily commute, so you can study wherever you want.

  • Employment skills

    Acquire the key skills required in your future profession by completing concrete business projects with help from courses that you can access online 24/7.

  • Learning support

    Weekly mentoring sessions with an expert in the field as well as support from our teams throughout your apprenticeship.

  • State-recognized qualification

    Our programs offer diplomas ranging from associate's level to master's. Most of them are recognized by the French state.

Our students share their experiences


Benoît, 26

Apprentice Web Developer“You’re supported from start to finish. So, even if you’re struggling at any point, your mentor or the student community is there to encourage you.”
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Still have questions?

First, you’ll have to apply to our program. Once your application is accepted, you’ll need to find your host company with help from your OpenClassrooms career placement coach at no extra cost. If you’ve already found your host company, mention it on your application and our team will take care of the rest.

Simply mention in your application that you already have a host company. Our Admission team will contact you as soon as possible to validate your application and eligibility. Then we’ll contact your host company to discuss contracts.

To be eligible for an apprenticeship, you must have the right to work in France. There are no age limits for apprenticeships, everyone from 16 to 99 is eligible, depending on specific criteria. Find all the eligibility conditions (in French) here
Our apprenticeship contracts are open to as many people as possible. Contact us if you have any questions about your eligibility.

There are two main French apprenticeship contracts: “contrat d’apprentissage” and “contrat de professionnalisation”.
You can find specific details about them (in French) here.
Contact us if you’d like to discuss your eligibility.

Your host company will cover all your training program fees and pay you a salary for your work. For students based in France, more information on funding can be found on France compétences's website.

We check that your profile is eligible for your chosen apprenticeship program and reply within 2 working days.

Coaching and apprenticeships are two separate programs. The coaching sessions help you find a host company, but you can still start an apprenticeship by looking for a host company yourself.
Here are two links (both in French) to help you find a host company:
- Our article “Les meilleures plateformes pour trouver une alternance”
- Our podcast “Trouver une alternance en temps de crise”

Your apprenticeship program will take between 12 and 36 months.

Yes, your work-study schedule varies according to your apprenticeship contract, from a minimum of 3 days to a maximum of 4 days per week in a company. You can organize these days with your host company according to their needs.

If you have the right to work in France, the eligibility conditions are related to the training program you're applying for. You can see all our paths here.

You’ll be paid an apprenticeship salary from the first day of your contract.

  • For a “contrat d’apprentissage”, you’ll be paid a salary according to your age. The minimum salary corresponds to a percentage of the SMIC or SMC (minimum conventional wage for the job held) for those over 21 years of age. Your salary will go up with every new year of your contract.
  • For a “contrat de professionnalisation”, the salary depends on your age and your initial level of training.

  • Discover the salary that corresponds to your profile (in French) here.

    OpenClassrooms is a private online training educational institution recognized by l'Académie de Paris. It issues its own diplomas as well as those of prestigious academic institutions. At the end of your training program and once your skills have been validated by the diploma’s jury, you'll receive a diploma registered with the "Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles" (RNCP). The level of your diploma depends on the training program you've decided to follow, ranging from level 6 (bac +3) to 7 (bac +5) on the European Qualifications Framework.

    Your training will take place entirely online from the comfort of your own home, alternating with work in your host company. You’ll benefit from a one-to-one mentoring session each week.

    Yes, apprentices are eligible for the same teleworking rights as employees. It’ll depend on your host company’s teleworking policy.

    To be able to start as an apprentice, you’ll need to find a host company. This usually takes between 1 and 3 months. To help you find one as quickly as possible, OpenClassrooms provides a career placement coach to help you secure a contract with the best tools, arguments, and resources to optimize your profile.

    The study schedule is established on a basis of 7 hours of work per day. Your progress will depend on the time invested as well as your skills and work pace.

    Anyone with the right to work in France is eligible for an apprenticeship. If you’re a European citizen, newly arrived or not, you can apply for an apprenticeship. You only need to provide proof of identity, not proof of your right to work. If you’re not a European citizen, you can apply for an apprenticeship, but you’ll need to prove you’ve trained for one year in France and provide a “Student” residence permit.

    Our team will help you follow your study schedule. If you don’t manage to stick to the schedule and finish your training program on time, your diploma won’t be validated. To obtain your diploma, you’ll have to pay for the rest of your training program yourself.

    Yes, once you’ve found your host company, you’ll have to apply for the apprenticeship program then cancel your self-paid training program once we’ve validated your application.
    You’ll keep all progress you had already made on your projects.