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A comprehensive approach to solving your challenges related to digital transformation


Improve performance with upskilling

Your challenges
  • Utilizing the very latest tools and technologies

  • Promoting efficiency and breaking down silos

  • Encouraging intrapreneurs to develop their own projects

Change management

Confront skills gaps by investing in hard-to-fill roles

Your challenges
  • Detecting and investing in high-potential profiles

  • Retaining know-how and experience

  • Creating job mobility by opening up internal roles with training


Hire tomorrow’s talent and foster diversity

Your challenges
  • Hiring effectively and minimizing risks

  • Staffing hard-to-fill positions quickly

  • Training high-potential candidates with apprenticeships


Prepare employees for career changes with reskilling

Your challenges
  • Enhancing redeployment strategies with efficient solutions

  • Equipping employees for future roles outside of your company

  • Speeding up return to employment by training for in-demand roles

Talent attraction & retention

Enhance your employer brand with training programs

Your challenges
  • Reducing turnover in your teams

  • Offering an enhanced employee experience

  • Developing your HR marketing strategy

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AXA's challenges

AXA is undergoing a profound transformation of skills and professions within its IT department.
This has created several challenges: Offering progressive career development for its IT teams, but also sourcing more and more digital profiles in fields with a shortage of labor.

Our solution

To offer career advancement opportunities within its IT department, AXA has opted for our accredited PIVOT training paths: Java Web Developer, Salesforce Developer and Data Architect.

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Provide opportunities at all levels of your business.
Remy Bourdoncle
“I’ve always had an interest in software development and have always wanted to be able to do it. Technological advances meant I no longer had the skills to get back into it at an adequate level. It’s a whole training program, not just a language to learn.”
Software DeveloperAXA
Thomas Courbe
“We’ve established a career transition training plan with three main objectives: Enhancing development in the IT Department, tackling sourcing problems in such a tight market in an original way and, finally, boosting skills within feature teams.”
IT Department DirectorAXA
Thierry Leonardo
“We’ve given our employees the opportunity to acquire skills in new technologies and, ultimately, to find a new career. From this pilot, we hope to launch a more widespread training plan in the next few years.”
IT HR Business PartnerAXA

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Your employees learn whenever and wherever they want, on their smartphone, desktop, or tablet.

Learning by doing

Your team members put acquired skills to practice in real-world projects created by our instructional designers.

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Experienced professionals support and assess your employees’ learning in weekly one-to-one mentoring sessions.

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