Level up your employees' skills

Intensive, mentored programs to arm your teams with targeted skills.
Soon-to-be Tableau Software pro

Gaining on-the-job skills

Data analyst mentor

Shares knowledge as a mentor

More than 70 BOOST programs for your teams

  • Shorter mentored training for all levels, from those in new roles to upskilling experienced professionals.
  • Choose the starting date, rhythm and intensity of the training for maximum flexibility.
  • Programs available in English and French.
  • Train your workforce to take on in-demand roles such as coding, data, business, IT and design.

Expert mentors provide personalized support

  • A practicing professional will assist employees each week during individual videoconferencing sessions.
  • Each learner follows our skills-based courses autonomously, receiving weekly 1-to-1 support and guidance on their project work from their mentor.

Meet some of our expert mentors

Gaëtan de Jacquelot
"Thanks to my experience in the field, I can give them concrete examples to help them link theory to practice."
Agile coach
Large insurance company
Anna Colliot
"I guide learners on structure but also on the methodology. Our meetings are 100% personalized."
Project Designer

New competencies assessed and recognized with certification

  • Each BOOST program develops specific competencies through applied application and assessment in real-world project scenarios.
  • Many of these programs lead to a European accredited certificate.

Tailored services for business

  • We provide tracking and visibility of your team activities with onboarding and monthly reporting.
  • A dedicated advisor also provides extra support for groups with more than 10 employees.
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