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Last updated on 9/21/20

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Course introduction

At OpenClassrooms, we firmly believe that education should be easily accessible to everyone. We want to help people to find jobs they love and stay employable throughout their lives. To do so, we work hard to provide the best learning experience that combines the latest technology and years of experience in education.

We have a very special history. The project started in 1999, when Mathieu Nebra, aged 13, began to write his first online course online - for free! The hobbyist project had a huge impact and ultimately became a company. It has helped millions of people to learn, find their passion, and land the jobs they have today. More than 3 million learners come to learn on OpenClassrooms every month.

Would you like to work at OpenClassrooms? Great! We have designed this course to help you understand what kind of company we are. How do people work here at OpenClassrooms? What are the teams, and what do they do? How do we design the product to help people learn new skills and find jobs?

This course is a must-read for each person wanting to join OpenClassrooms. We hope it will provide valuable insights on who we are and what we stand for! 😊

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Example of certificate of achievement