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Last updated on 5/17/24

Customer Success Team

The Customer Success team is quite a big one. It oversees all of the training delivery

The Customer Success team focuses on our users on a daily basis. They are the ones who interact the most with our end-users.


At OpenClassrooms, the Customer Success team guarantees the ROI for customers: students and employers alike. The team ensures students and employers have the best possible experience.

The Student Success side of the team handles both inbound reactive customer support and outbound proactive student success. From choosing their course to completing their projects, graduating, and finding professional success, they're available every step of the way to offer a helping hand.

As a team, they aim to contribute to the growth of OpenClassrooms by delivering world-renowned customer service:

  • Fast

  • Personalized

  • Innovative

  • Accessible

  • Profit-generating

This team strongly believes in using data and KPI’s to drive performance and help OpenClassrooms achieve its mission.


This team is quite big and has a wide variety of functions.

Customer Support

 Customer support managers handle reactive inbound calls. These managers receive several hundreds of messages and calls per day from paid and free users and those who don't have an account yet.

Their priority is to help paying customers, but they answer every call as fast as they can. Employers and funding bodies also contact the customer support team to get in touch with OpenClassrooms. This team area is the point of entry for almost every inquiry internal and external customers have throughout their journey at OpenClassrooms.

Customer support managers solve most queries themselves but also pass them to other teams when needed.

The customer support area is also in charge of the overall customer experience, which they help deliver using multiple tools to create appropriate flows.

Student Success

These managers maintain proactive outbound follow-up processes for path students throughout their learning journey. Their goal is to guide and provide students all the help they need to succeed and graduate.

They take care of students’ onboarding, wellness & success campaigns, community management (congrats, announcements, content planning, etc.), and anti-churn activities.

To provide such services at this scale, the Student Success team worked with the Tech and Data teams to build an alert system. These proactive alerts are based on predetermined triggers and student dashboard monitoring and help the team intervene to catch students before they drop out and provide them with customized success tools to get them back on track.

Employer and Social Programs Success

Customer success managers help build selection, loyalty, and success programs when an employer or a social program is involved.

Their main objective is to deliver on promises and show ROI to customers through operational excellence on projects, customer satisfaction-driven initiatives, and relevant reporting to maximize activation, retention, and upsell opportunities.

Career Services

No student journey would be complete without the Career Services team, who are dedicated to helping students find jobs! Career services managers manage a community of career coaches to maximize students’ chances of getting a job with services such as resume building, interview prepping, and soft-skills coaching.

They’re also the ambassadors of OpenClassrooms' “job placement” company KPI and are always studying what works and what doesn’t help students get jobs.

Mentorship Team

Mentors are at the heart of OpenClassrooms success and popularity. We couldn’t do it without their help! As a part of the Student and Employer Success team, the Mentorship team’s mission is to drive quality education.

Following the recent merger of the two teams, their goal is to provide the best online learning experience globally and become a leader in the industry by:

  • Creating (enhancing the current one) a unique value proposition through innovative ideas.

  • Reaching and maintaining high academic standards.

  • Reaching and maintaining high levels of student, employer, and mentor satisfaction and engagement.

  • Maximizing accessibility.

  • Focusing on performance and outcomes (graduation and job placement).

OpenClassrooms’ ambition is to drive education at scale - What’s a mentor? 

Remember when you were in school? Remember a person who changed your life? They could make a lesson a magical learning experience, give you wings, and help you grow in ways you couldn't imagine? That was your mentor. 🙂

Mentor managers do two things daily:

  • Build the ability to deliver on education promises. They stay connected with the OC network of freelance mentors. Their job is to manage the mentor experience: source, recruit, train, communicate, develop mentor communities.

  • Drive growth by improving the product, contents, and platform quality - automating the back office with innovation and machine learning to deliver the best mentor experience. 

Meetings or Habits

The nature of OpenClassrooms requires teams to change - and do it quickly. Needless to say, this team's meeting routine and habits change quite often.

  • Two-week sprint routine:

    • Sprint planning, every-other Monday: commit to a maximum of five tasks for the coming sprint.

    • Checkpoint, every-other Monday: update tasks and ask for help if needed.

    • Sprint review, every-other Friday: present the results of the last sprint.

  • Monthly all-team meetings: the entire team gets together to go over highlights and challenges for the month. Multiple team members then get an opportunity to present some of their work to the broader team. 

  • Subteams within the team have their own respective practices. Some prefer daily 15-minute stand-ups, while others prefer longer weekly get-togethers. Customer needs drive team practices.

  • The team tries to get together for drinks or dinner, plus a teambuilding activity once or twice a year. Smaller groups often meet for drinks after work!

  • One team member is a Karaoke fan and organizes monthly Karaoke nights with members from all OpenClassrooms teams. 🎤

Collaboration With Other Teams

It would be faster to talk about the teams they don’t work with! They are the center piece of our delivery, which means they actually work with about everyone in the business one way or another.

When it comes to collaborating with other teams across the company, think of this team as the operational delivery team.

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