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Last updated on 11/30/21

Course introduction

Prototyping is a way of creating an early version of the product that generates learning which informs later versions of the product. Prototyping allows product managers and designers to accelerate their learning through building something quickly that is 'good enough' to generate insight from our target audience.

In this course, we begin with what prototyping means, how to define a prototyping goal, the types of prototypes and the principles of effective prototyping.

We simulate real-world product development by:

  • Taking the concept of a babysitting app

  • Designing screens for the app with pen and paper 

  • Using the POP app to create a paper prototype

  • Learning how to create full graphic design screens in Sketch

  • Creating graphic designs for each screen in our babysitting app in Sketch

  • Creating a prototype with these screens

  • Installing this prototype on our mobile device

  • Getting feedback in-person from real customers by putting our mobile device in their hands

  • Learning how to manage such interview sessions (the good, the bad and the ugly!)

In this course, you will learn Sketch - a graphic design tool that is widely used in web and app development.

You will also use the POP and InVision prototyping tools

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