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Last updated on 4/7/20

Get some practice by creating a product roadmap in Trello

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It's your turn!

You are going to create a roadmap in Trello!

You will create a public roadmap - meaning that it will be visible by anyone who has the URL - and then you are going to submit this URL for grading.

The roadmap items can be found on this Google spreadsheet.

Your task is to create a roadmap structure on Trello, take these items, input them into Trello, make some customizations of the Trello roadmap and then share publicly.


1. Create an account on Trello. Accounts are free to create. https://trello.com/signup

2. Now confirm your account by clicking the link that Trello sent to your email address.

3. You will see that Trello has created a default board for you. You can use this board if you wish although you may want to rename it as “Product Roadmap” or similar. Alternatively you can create a new board with this name.

4. Create 4 lists in Trello

  • About this Roadmap

  • Near-Term

  • Medium-Term

  • Far-Term

5. Add a disclaimer card to the "About this Roadmap" section - describing that this roadmap is subject to change at any time without notice (and of course a little bit more friendly text doesn't hurt, perhaps you can look at some of the example roadmaps shared in the course to see what others put here)

6. View this Google sheet and populate the Trello board with cards in the appropriate lists (i.e Near-Term, Medium-Term, Far-Term)

7. Add labels to each card by clicking or right clicking. The X label should be red, the Y label should be blue.

8. Change setting to Public and copy the link of your Trello board.

9. Enable voting and turn off commenting on cards in Settings

10. Choose to change the background of the board. Any image at all will do - the goal is just to personlize the board (although something with a business theme may be the most suitable)

Example of certificate of achievement
Example of certificate of achievement