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Last updated on 5/19/20

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Course introduction

As a product manager, it might be tempting to think you should write down how a feature should work and simply hand that over to your tech team. The best product managers, however, harness the full brainpower and experience of their team to explore and define requirements together!

In this course, we'll see how to create user stories and acceptance tests. We'll see how using a wiki for creating company documentation promotes collaboration and encourages "living documentation," or documentation that stays updated as the product changes!

We will also learn how requirements workshops are ideal for defining examples and rules collaboratively as a team. After that, we’ll see how these examples and rules turn into the user stories and acceptance tests that you will later store in a wiki.

As well as learning how to define the necessary requirements for your tech team to start work on features and user stories, we'll explore how you can test features once they are ready for testing. We'll examine what "done" really means for user stories and how to define what "done" means in specific cases.

We will also look at how to write bug reports, which effectively communicate what needs to be done. We'll also learn how to use JIRA - the popular bug tracking tool!

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