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Last updated on 10/9/23

Product Requirements in Scrum

Evaluated skills

  • Understand the basics of working agile
  • Question 1

    The Developers on your Scrum Team are working on several important new features for this Sprint, but one key item directly supports the Sprint Goal. You have agreed that getting the Color-Blind Friendly UI implemented is the goal for Sprint 85. The Developers have some PBI’s around color-blind accessibility options and are nearly done. Dan, the quality assurance engineer, lets you know that he cannot validate the new Color-Blind UI as he is not color-blind, nor is anyone in the department. However, Dan feels very confident in calling this work done as all other testing passes, and the code compiles with no errors.  

    How could the team have discovered this sooner?

    • The Product Owner should’ve realized this as it's their responsibility to write all of the user stories. 

    • The team could’ve compared this user story to INVEST during a backlog refinement session. They may have realized that they didn’t know how to test this work.

    • Jerry, the business analyst on the team, should’ve documented this during the requirements gathering phase.

  • Question 2

    The team is frantically trying to get all the work in Sprint 7 done. The performance testing environment was down for much of the Sprint. The team has an item on their DoD that states that “All pages will load in less than 15ms.” They have a few pages that took longer to load the last time they ran the performance testing, but they aren’t sure if they’ll get the tests run in time.  

    They ask you (the Scrum Master) if they can move the performance testing tasks to Sprint 8 just prior to the Sprint Review, where they plan to demonstrate the product for stakeholders. What would you decide?

    • Ask the team to get as many of the new pages tested as possible, and if more than 75% of them load under 15ms, you can show the work at the Sprint Review.

    • Create a new PBI titled “Sprint 7 Performance Testing – Technical Debt” on the Product Backlog and mark it for Sprint 8.  Demonstrate the product at the Sprint Review.

    • Explain to the team that they still have some time remaining and to do their best. If they are not able to complete the testing in time, don't show the undone work at the Sprint Review.

    • Explain to the team that this is the Product Owners decision so let them make the call.

  • Question 3

    The head of marketing wants to start a new project to re-tool the web portal that customers use. They have committed to being the Product Owner and plans to take some courses to increase their understanding of Scrum before getting started. They ask you what other things must be in place before starting Sprint 1.  

    What must be in place before you can start your first Sprint?

    • You need a Product Owner, a Scrum Master, a Product Backlog, a team of Developers, and all of the Scrum events in place.

    • You need support from the PMO, the managers of the people on the Scrum Team, and each of the Scrum roles filled.

    • You need a Product Owner, a Scrum Master, a complete backlog of Product work, and at least one complete Sprint Backlog ready.

    • You need only a Product Owner who has a vision for a Product, enough work to get started, and a group of people to work on the product.

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