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Last updated on 3/4/24

Get some practice building a User Story Map

It's Your Turn!

Let's create your first user story map!

Have a look at the output from your team’s recent user story mapping workshop.

Using this information, create a graphical representation in the form of physical a User Story Map (using post-it notes or paper). Then, take a photo of your newly created Story Map.

The Story Map Format

A user story map needs to show:

  • A set of activities in chronological order from left to right.

  • A set of tasks underneath the appropriate activity.

  • A set of user stories, each appearing under the relevant task.

  • A set of swim lanes, one for each release. The appropriate user stories for each release should appear in the swim lane for that release.

The image shows a story map with four activities, each with associated tasks. There are three releases, and each release contains several user stories. Target outcomes are noted for each release.
Example of a Story Map

Create your User Story Map

Here are some options for creating your physical story map :

  1. Use a set of post-it notes of different colors. If you have 3 different colors of post it notes then you can use one color for the activities, another color for tasks and another color for user stories. Put the post-it notes on a white sheet of paper and draw lines to represent each swim lane on the paper. Then you can place the post-it notes in the appropriate swim lane.

  2. Draw everything on a sheet of paper, drawing boxes with your pen instead of using post-it notes. 

Check your work!

Check that the story map:

  • Orders the activities in chronological order.

  • Orders the tasks underneath the appropriate activity.

  • Ordered the user stories underneath the appropriate task.

  • Created three swim-lanes and put the correct stories in each swim lane.

You can find an example of the corresponding User Story Map

When you've finished this activity there's a final quiz to test what you've learned about planning releases with user story maps. Good luck! 

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