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Last updated on 10/10/23

Get some practice building a User Story Map

It's your turn!

you will create your first user story map.

You will take the output from your team’s recent user story mapping workshop in this Google Spreadsheet.

You will create a graphical representation of this information in a user story map format (using post-it notes and paper) and take a photo of the physical story map you have just created.

The Story Map Format

Note that a user story map needs to show:

  • A set of activities in chronological order from left to right

  • A set of tasks underneath the appropriate activity

  • A set of user stories, each appearing under the relevant task.

  • A set of swim lanes, one for each release. The appropriate user stories for each release should appear in the swim lane for that release.


 How to Create a Story Map

You have a variety of options for creating this physical story map

  1. Use a set of post-it notes of different colors. If you have 3 different colors of post it notes then you can use one color for the activities, another color for tasks and another color for user stories. Put the post-it notes on a white sheet of paper and draw lines to represent each swim lane on the paper. Then you can place the post-it notes in the appropriate swim lane.

  2. Draw everything on a sheet of paper, drawing boxes with your pen instead of using post-it notes

Check your work!

Check that the story map:

  • Orders the activities in chronological order.

  • Orders the tasks underneath the appropriate activity.

  • Ordered the user stories underneath the appropriate task.

  • Created three swim-lanes and put the correct stories in each swim lane.

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