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Last updated on 6/25/20

Present with Confidence

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Giving a presentation can seem daunting and stressful at times, but it doesn't need to be! It helps to think about WHY you're giving the presentation. Chances are it's to share information with others. That's a pretty cool reason to have to do it. Remember, the audience wants to learn from you, and they're there to support you. Get out of your head, and have confidence. The more you practice, the easier it will become!

Presentation dont's

  1. Don't apologize.

  2. Don't cross your arms, slouch or have closed off body language.

  3. Don't read a script word for word.

  4. Don't read every word on your slides.

  5. Don't try to cover too much at once (overwhelm!).

  6. Don't wing it.

  7. Don't sound like a robot.

  8. Don't speak like every word you say is part of one long sentence.

  9. Don't speak too fast.

  10. Don't be someone you're not.

  11. Don't pretend to know the answer to something for the sake of looking smart.

  12. Don't ramble.

  13. Don't make your presentation memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Presentation do's

  1. Have confidence.

  2. Make sure your body language is upright and professional.

  3. Look up and make eye contact with your audience (you can refer to presenter notes if need be).

  4. Use limited text on your slides, and talk through the other information.

  5. Consider limiting to one idea per slide.

  6. Give your presentation a structure with an opening, middle, and closing.

  7. Add emphasis where emphasis is needed.

  8. Take time to breathe. Pauses are an excellent way to make sure your ideas can be processed by the audience.

  9. Slow down. Remember, people want to hear what you have to say. Also, English isn't everyone's first language.

  10. Be yourself – it's awesome to be enthusiastic about the subject.

  11. Be honest if you don't know the answer to something.

  12. Practice, practice, practice!

  13. Be memorable! 😊  (This can only lead to more great opportunities).

Still afraid of public speaking? Check out the book Demystifying Public Speaking by Lara Hogan.

In addition to practicing your presentations, also be open to feedback – it's the best way to get better and improve. There's always an opportunity to learn and grow. Remember, people want to see you succeed!


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