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Last updated on 6/30/20

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Course introduction

Design thinking is a creative process where you build empathy for users or customers, define a problem so you that know what you're working towards, ideate to come up with possibilities, prototype and test the best ideas. You'll revisit steps throughout the process, learning and iterating as you go.

Design thinking is not just for designers. It is a process that gets teams working towards a common goal, thinking differently, and coming up with creative and innovative solutions. Sometimes unplugging and grabbing the sticky notes can help unlock innovative ideas.

In this course you'll be presented with the key resources and tools you'll need to host your very own design thinking workshop, whether you're exploring a general theme or homing in on a specific problem or issue.  The course will examine creating an agenda, setting up a space, and gathering materials. You will also discover methods for making sense of your design research, including empathy maps and experience maps, and you will look at exercises to help ideate and prototype to think outside of the box. There will be time at the end of the workshop to reflect and consider next steps.

Whether you're building a new app or creating a new service, design thinking can be adapted to your needs!

 This course was originally created as part of the UX designer path.

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