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Last updated on 5/18/20

Get some practice sharing your wireframes

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It's your turn

The more wireframes you draw, the more comfortable – and confident – you'll become with the process. Drawing from existing examples will teach you a lot. You'll learn to be a more conscious and critical observer, which will make you a stronger designer!

For this exercise you will need to photograph or scan examples of wireframes you drew during part 1 of this course. While you surely have many more you share, but for the purpose of this exercise you'll need to create a 5 page PDF with the following:

  • Page 1: Cover with the title "Wireframes", your name and date 

  • Page 2: 1 example of a website wireframe (for desktop) you have sketched. Include the website name or domain.

  • Page 3: Screenshot of an app + your wireframe sketch of the same screen side-by-side. Include the name of the app on the page.

  • Page 4: Wireframe of your choice with annotations (arrows, comments, notes in the margins) – be sure to label it.

  • Page 5: Wireframe of your choice – be sure to label it.

For the purposes of this exercise, all wireframes presented must be done by hand (pencil, pen, marker, is up to you). ✍️

Check your work!

Check that your project:

  • Follow directions

    • 5 pages – each according to guidelines

    • PDF format

    • correct file name 

  • Include photographs or scans of designated wireframes

  • Show wireframes that have been drawn by hand (valued more by ideas that are communicated than by artistic merit)

Example of certificate of achievement
Example of certificate of achievement