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Last updated on 11/28/19

Course introduction

When it comes to metrics, many people use generic data that won't actually tell you much about your users! In this course, you'll learn to draw from product goals to distill ways of measuring user behavior. We'll even provide a framework to help you do this.

In part one, we'll look at different places you can turn to in order to measure actionable behaviors of users including Google Analytics and heat maps. We'll also consider how you can measure the quantitative side of usability testing to consider user performance. Then we'll look at how to combine all your user insights to see which variation of your design works best through A/B testing.

Your findings will not only be something that you can use to inform design decisions, but it's also a useful way to communicate with clients and stakeholders to help get them on board with the decisions you make. In part two, we'll examine how you can create simple data visualizations to help tell a story from the data you uncover.

Remember, design is an iterative process. Sometimes a series of small, incremental changes can have the biggest impact on the quality of your users' experience and meeting your end goal.

The skills learned in this course are beneficial for UX designers, UX researchers, and anyone working with digital products.

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