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Last updated on 11/28/19

Get some practice by using the HEART framework to determine metrics

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The video streaming platform Netflix has completely taken over the world and has changed the way we watch movies at home. Originally a mail order service, Netflix now focuses most of their offerings on video streaming. In this exercise, you're going to go inside the heads of the Netflix design team to attempt to understand how they approach metrics.

In order to do this, you will use Google's HEART framework
GOALS / SIGNALS / METRICS along the top of a table and Happiness / Engagement / Adoption / Retention / Task success down the left side

First, draw your own version of the HEART framework chart on a piece of paper or create a digital version with the same categories. Imagine you work for Netflix and are trying figure out how to measure a successful user experience. Consider the goals, signals, and metrics for each of the categories. Do your best to fill in the entire chart, but also remember that not every field will be relevant for every product.

To complete the activity, either take a photo of the completed chart you have filled in by hand, (if your handwriting is hard to read you should recreate it in a digital form) OR create a PDF of your digital framework. On a second page you should write three (3) questions that address what information you'd like to have to move forward or questions you would ask [hypothetical] team members you are collaborating with.

Double-check that you have included the following information :

  • Responses are relevant to the product (Netflix's website and service).

  • Responses demonstrate an understanding of the product.

  • Questions reflect the limitations of the challenge and account for the information needed to succeed.

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