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Last updated on 5/20/20

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Course introduction

A strong portfolio is one of the best ways you can make an impression when applying for jobs or getting new work. Not only can it be used to highlight your style and expertise, but it's also a tool to help you stand out from the competition. It also can serve as a point for conversation.

We'll examine how you can compile a portfolio using case studies to highlight process, not just the finished product. You've been documenting your work along the way, so now it's time to put your storytelling skills to use.

Even if you don't have a ton of professional experience, we'll look at various ways you can prove that you have what it takes. Throughout the course, keep in mind the mantra, "show, don't tell."  Consider how you can showcase your expertise beyond just listing your skills.

Along the way, we'll also look at other ways to help you get noticed by potential employers or clients from creating self-initiated projects to using social media to share your voice and make connections.

Is this course just for UX designers?

🎨 In this course we'll be examining UX and UI portfolios, but the concepts and ideas presented can be adapted for other fields.

This course was originally created as part of the UX designer path.

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Example of certificate of achievement