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Last updated on 12/21/23

Course introduction

Every morning, you wait for the bus to school or work. And every morning, when you look at the people around you, you always see the same thing—they all have their bag in one hand and their Android smartphone in the other, eyes fixed on the screen. Mobile apps are now part of daily life.

You think to yourself: “Great! If I knew how to develop an Android mobile app, all of these people would use it!” And then you think: “OK, but actually, that would be incredibly complicated, and I wouldn’t know where to start.” Think again! All you need to do is begin… right at the beginning. In this course, there’ll be no hot air: just the basics of Android programming, step by step. 

You’ll discover how to display information on the screen and interact with the user, as well as how to implement game logic to develop a fun and interesting app. That’s right, we’re going to develop our first application completely from scratch! If at any point you need to consult the app’s full code, it’s available here.

So, ready to conquer the world of Android with your first app?

Then this course is for you!

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Example of certificate of achievement