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Last updated on 6/21/19

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Course introduction

Who doesn’t love a good bar graph? Well, besides BlackBerry, Microsoft, Apple, Nokia, and those poor, lonely "others"...

 According to this trend line, Android is eating the world. It’s safe to assume that in 2017, that delicious green bar will look even tastier. So, if you want to build a mobile application, skipping the Android platform would be borderline criminal. It’d be like skipping dessert - that’s so rude! 

As Android grows in popularity, so does the demand for developers who have mastered the unruly mobile platform. Developing proper Android applications has become increasingly difficult as the variety of Android devices and hardware capabilities continue to grow to epic proportions.

Modern Android arrives in countless device configurations that range from low-budget models released in developing countries to the most glorious slabs of semiconductor magic ever to touch human hands. Therefore, developing an application that runs seamlessly for all is an incredible skill, and one which you can learn right here, right now.

The demand for Android developers will continue to increase and provide high-paying opportunities well into the future. Don’t sit on the sidelines: jump into the Android pool! It’s warm, and also, we have cookies. 🍪😋

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