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Last updated on 4/2/20

Course introduction

Web application security is about heroes and villains. The heroes are the guardians of web applications, which can be attacked by the villainous hackers for monetary gain.

So how can you be the hero of your web application?

By protecting it with secure code! 🛡⚔️

In this course, we will go over some simple principles that are used to keep data secure. You’ll learn the regulations that businesses adapt to build a good reputation and gain customer trust - and of course to help them against attacks!

We’ll cover five important standards and regulations in data security and why the Open Web Application Security Project, or OWASP, is so relevant to you as a web developer!

You’ll also learn about the top ten application attacks defined by OWASP, and how to use security techniques in your development to make sure your web application is safeguarded.

These skills will help you create a solid and protected web application that will set you apart from other web developers.

Are you ready to become a hero? Let’s get to it!

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