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Last updated on 6/15/21

Course introduction

Are you interested in computer programming but are not sure where to start? Are you a little unsure of the terminology, intimidated by the abstract concepts, or even overwhelmed by the all the available programming languages?

This course is designed to demystify the logic used in computer programming and give you the confidence you need to take your first steps towards a career in development. By using concrete, everyday examples, you'll be able to focus on learning the most frequently used concepts without getting lost in a sea of jargon. You'll discover that coding isn't as complex as people make it out to be, and that anyone can learn it - including you! 

To make sure you've got all the tools you need to succeed at coding, we'll be zooming in to look at Object Oriented Programming. Object Oriented Programming is the structural and conceptual model for many of the most popular programming languages today, including Java, Python, Ruby, Swift, C++, C#, Kotlin, PHP, Go, Javascript, and many more. That means that regardless of the language you choose, you'll be able to learn the mechanics of coding faster!

We'll start by diving into what objects are and how they're used in Object Oriented Programming, then get into a key building block of any programming language: functions!  From there, we'll look further into how computers solve problems with logic, and finally, we'll check out how computer programs store all the information you give them.

Ready to dive into computer programming? Join us in this course, and we'll have you thinking like a computer in no time!

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