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Last updated on 2/21/22

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Course introduction

This programme is about the activity of learning as a skill.

To be successful in the modern world, you need to be good at learning. Whether success, for you, means being successful in your career, your studies, or your hobbies – at work, at home or in your community – you need to want to learn - commit to learning - and know how to learn.

And learning doesn’t just mean acquiring new knowledge. It's also about developing your skills, your attitudes, values, and your way of being in the world.

To be successful today – in a world that is constantly changing – you need to be continuously adapting, growing and improving yourself. In other words, everyone needs to become a self-directed lifelong learner.

In this online course you will have access to different tools and techniques to help you cultivate your capacity for learning – and to allow you to choose a learning path that best fits you.

Very quickly in the programme, you will be able to organise and manage your learning objectives on a daily basis – by creating and following your personalised learning plan.

I’m hoping that these methods – and this programme – will help you in your lifelong journey of personal and professional development – and open the door to the joy of learning!

If you are still in doubt, tell yourself that learning fast and thoroughly is not a privilege, a gift or a talent reserved for good pupils born with aptitude. Except for very exceptional cases, we can all cultivate this learning ability for self-improvement, at any age and, potentially, in any discipline. Our potential is unlimited: yours too.

Take this course as a toolbox to meet that challenge. You can also see it as an instruction manual for that incredible machine: your brain.

With these key skills, you will be able to open the door to any field, for the rest of your life, whether for your own personal or professional development.

To embark on the adventure and become a super-learner, sign up now and go to the first chapter.

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Example of certificate of achievement
Example of certificate of achievement