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Last updated on 1/17/23

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Course introduction

In today’s workplace, you will be faced with the challenges of working in autonomy.

You may be approaching the subject from various viewpoints:

  • Perhaps you are an employee faced with autonomy on a daily basis?

  • Maybe you have been promoted or changed jobs and now find that you’re going to have to act autonomously?

  • Are you in a very autonomous position, as you are the only one doing that work?

  • Perhaps you are working as a freelancer or have become a gig worker?

  • Or else, quite simply, is your work situation changing and the question of autonomy has arisen?

It’s not that simple to define the limits of your activity and know how to develop autonomy. You may want to ask yourself what autonomy means in this context and what you need to work on, develop and become aware of.

The authors of this course are independent consultants who have collaborated to share their knowledge with you. Both have experienced various working environments, including being an employee as well as an entrepreneur. They have experience with the issues of autonomy, which includes its limits and what needs to be brought into play to succeed in working happily with others, especially when working independently.

The overall aim of this course is to equip you with the right skills to enable you to develop your autonomy and improve how you co-operate with others in today’s workplace.

You will focus on how your inter-personal skills can value others you work with and diffuse conflict to be productive and creative in business.

Throughout the course, you will participate in two multiple-choice quizzes as well as a peer-evaluated activity which contains a business scenario for you to discuss and resolve using your new skills. This will give you and your fellow course members an opportunity to assess each other's progress.

This course has a combined format:

  • Video: the videos are quite short but cover all the key ideas of the course. 

  • Text: the text goes into more detail and, in it, you will find examples, anecdotes and more in-depth explanations. 

Join us on this course! It will include working on yourself, and you will learn, or re-learn, your need for autonomy and how to develop it!

Most of all, ENJOY IT!

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