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Last updated on 11/15/23

Course introduction

Do you want to learn how to create your own personal strategy for finding that specific role you want but don’t know how to get? This course is for beginners who have never written a résumé, nor realized their potential when searching for a job, as well as for more experienced job seekers who are looking to refresh their ideas on maximizing the effectiveness of a job search.

I will demonstrate step-by-step how to create your résumé along with tips and templates. We’ll get you energized by showcasing your talents while you learn how to build your personal brand. As you dive into your search, you’ll spend time tailoring your résumé—your objective statements in particular.

In the second part of this course, we’ll create and take advantage of opportunities to meet as many people as possible, both in and out of your field. See how social networks such as LinkedIn, networking at conferences and industry functions and simply introducing yourself to a recruiter will help contacts get to know you. Learn tips that will help them discover what you’re good at and what you’re looking for.

In the final part of this course, we’ll get into the details of how to extend your profile by contacting potential employers and recruitment agencies and searching for job opportunities. We’ll explore how to tap into your networks to identify and even create opportunities through job markets and how to navigate your job search from here.

All you need is time, the right attitude, an idea of what you’re looking for and perseverance when developing strategies for a new job search. More importantly, have trust in the process, be confident and—when the right job comes along—you will be ready to take on that new opportunity.

Now, sign up and let’s get started creating your new résumé!

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Example of certificate of achievement