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Last updated on 2/6/20

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Course introduction

Freelancing is liberating, exciting, challenging and rewarding. It's also an area of the economy that's growing exponentially as more and more people choose to move from employment to self-employment. If you're one of them, this course can help. 

Focusing in on the day-to day life of a freelancer, you'll explore the key roles and responsibilities you'll face now you're self-employed.

From setting realistic goals to invoicing; managing your cash flow to setting your rates; negotiating fees to filling in your tax return, you'll discover practical ways to help you create healthy and effective work routines now you're self-employed.

The course is delivered using two mediums:

  • In the videos, I'll explain a key concept or idea in more detail, so that you can put it into practice using concrete examples.

  • In the text, you’ll find reminders, some anecdotes, exercises and additional resources.

I'll also share some of my own experiences and advice, gained from more than eight years as a freelancer.

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Example of certificate of achievement