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Last updated on 10/16/20

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Course introduction

To create computer programs or build the app of your dreams, you need to know how to code in a programming language. Computer programs rely on data and logic to make their magic happen, and that requires a programmer - you - to tell the computer what to do and how. But how do you actually write programs? Where do you start?

This course is a collaboration between multiple experienced developers. We've designed the course to elaborate on the fundamentals of object-oriented programming and to help you build a strong foundation with the C# programming language. We'll give you lots of practice along the way while we look at:

  • How to structure and group information in your program with data types.

  • How to use programming logic so your program does what you want it to.

  • How to manage errors andmake your app communicate.

  • How to write readable code so you can easily modify, maintain, and share your programs.

You'll apply all this knowledge to help complete a real working C# program at the end of the course.

Before you get started, let's meet John, the lead C# expert behind the course:

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