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Last updated on 3/3/20

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Course introduction

Write your very first .NET application with the C# programming language! Start by learning how to set up Microsoft's Visual Studio in your coding environment. We'll go through the differences between using a simple text editor, a standard code editor, and Visual Studio. In doing so, you will quickly discover the power of Visual Studio for developing, testing, and deploying your application.

In this course, we'll go through the entire life cycle of an application, which includes creating a new project as well as writing, debugging, and testing your code. You'll also learn how to share results using a test execution report and share your project using Git and GitHub.

To get the most out of this course, I encourage you to follow along with me step by step, mimicking everything I do on your own computer or device.

The course is made of three parts, with each split into multiple chapters. At the start of each chapter, there is an introductory video where I'll preview what we’ll be going over and explain why it’s important to learn. And sprinkled throughout the chapters are demonstration videos so you can watch me go through the steps we're talking about on my own computer. We'll finish off each part with a quiz to confirm that you've acquired the target skill for that part of the course. If you find that a particular quiz question proves to be more difficult for you than the others, feel free to go back and review!

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Let's set up your .NET environment with Visual Studio!

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Example of certificate of achievement