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Last updated on 7/3/20

Course introduction

While Java is a very powerful programming language, it’s almost impossible to create real-world enterprise applications by using Java alone. We need frameworks to solve common technical problems and reduce repetitive boilerplate code. That way, we can focus on implementing business logic and delivering real value. 

Spring has been the most popular development framework in the Java world for quite a while because of its flexibility. Spring Boot makes making applications even easier with its automatic configuration - and this means you can start developing a new Spring application right away.

In this course, you will discover the magic behind Spring Boot applications by developing a working web application from scratch. You will learn about dependency injection in Spring, and how you could use it to write testable backend code. Then you will be introduced to Spring MVC, and how you could use it to present your backend functionalities to the user. In the end, you will discover one of the most valuable features of Spring Boot called Actuator, which will make your application ready to be deployed in a production environment.

By finishing this course, you’ll get a solid foundation on one of the most powerful software development frameworks out there - one that’s built to tackle modern software development requirements! 💪

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Example of certificate of achievement