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Last updated on 7/3/20

Do you know how to set up a deployable project using Spring Boot?

Evaluated skills

  • Set up a deployable Spring Boot project
  • Question 1

    What is the difference between Spring and Spring Boot? 

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • Spring can be used for multiple programming languages, while Spring Boot is specialized in building Java applications. 

    • Spring Boot has automatic configurations which make it simple to use. 

    • Spring Boot was built on top of Spring. 

    • Spring Boot originated modular architecture and testability within the framework. 

  • Question 2

    What are the advantages of using Spring Boot? 

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • With Spring Boot, much less configuration is needed to start a new project.

    • Spring Boot can handle much greater amounts of data compared to Spring. 

    • There is no need to set up a separate web server, as it will be packaged along with the application in a single file.

    • It comes bundled with functionalities that are necessary for managing and monitoring an application in production.

  • Question 3

    Which of the following are examples of convention over configuration? 

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • Choosing Maven to build Spring Boot applications.

    • Naming a file index.html turns it into the homepage of the application.

    • Adding a web dependency to Spring Boot configures the Tomcat web server to run on port 8080.

    • Using Spring Initializr helps start a project structure in minutes.

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