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Last updated on 12/12/19

Download and Install Eclipse

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Are you ready to install Eclipse?  Great! Wait, actually, before we do anything, we need to install a JMV.  

What is a JVM?

A Java Virtual Machine, or JVM for short, is a required installation to run Java instructions on your computer. There are two types of JVMs that you can install: 

  •  Java Runtime Environment, or JRE runs Java code on your computer.  

  • A Java Development Kit, or JDK is a required installation if you will be developing Java code on Eclipse.

So what JVM will we have to install on our computer?  You guessed it! JDK.

Download a JVM

JDK is available through the Oracle website.  Look up your operating system and download the corresponding version. Be sure to download the most recent version. 

Once it is downloaded, click to run the file and install it using all the default options.

Download and install Eclipse

Now that you have installed a JVM that will work with Eclipse, download your IDE and install it so you can get started on your Java program!

Here are the basic steps:

  • Click the link here to access the Eclipse website.

  • Click on Desktop IDEs.  The links you see come with the pre-installed plug-ins you require based on the language you will be using. 

  • Select Eclipse IDE for Java EE developers because not only does it have the plug-ins for a Java IDE, it also has pre-installed plug-ins for web development projects.

  • Download it based on your Windows version and install.  When you click on the downloaded executable, run through the defaults. Eclipse will allow you to provide a work space which is a place where you can put your files.  You can choose to create a folder for it or use the default settings.

  • Once it has completed the installation, launch Eclipse Java EE from the installer by clicking on it.


  • To run Java on your computer, you need a Java Virtual Machine. 

  • A Java Virtual Machine can come in two types: 

    • The Java Runtime Environment

    • The Java Development Kit

  • You can install a JVM from the Oracle website. 

  • You can install Eclipse at the Eclipse website. 

Example of certificate of achievement
Example of certificate of achievement