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Last updated on 2/5/20

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Course introduction

I'm Ian. I've been a career coach for over 15 years, and have helped hundreds of clients network with confidence. I can't wait to share my networking tips with you.

In this course, you will build a personal networking strategy that works for you. We’ll look at concrete ways to grow your network both online and face-to-face.

In Part 1, we'll plan preliminary steps to go through before starting your networking efforts, such as analyzing what you can offer others and where your current network holds potential.

In Part 2, we'll review your tools and prepare new ones such as templates to reach out to more people with greater efficiency.

In Part 3, we'll look at the actual steps to branch out and meet new people, including how to ask for referrals and find relevant events in your industry.

So if you want to increase your visibility and credibility and be at the front of the queue when someone is looking to hire, join me!

Table of contents

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