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Last updated on 9/27/23

Deliver a Successful Presentation to an Audience

Evaluated skills

  • Deliver a successful presentation to an audience
  • Question 1

    I have a presentation coming up and want to use the storytelling method. What should I add in my story?

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • Anecdotes, so my audience will find me more relatable.

    • Complaints, so my audience can see that I can identify problems.

    • References to previous projects that went well.

    • One-liner jokes as everybody can relate to those.

  • Question 2

    The benefits of storytelling include:

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • Connect you to your audience through emotions.

    • Hone in a specific point you want to get across.

    • Inspire your audience.

  • Question 3

    Always use humor in your presentation as it's the easiest way to get your audience to relate to you.

    • True

    • False

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