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Last updated on 6/29/20

Course introduction

Do you need to design software architecture for a business problem? How do you figure out the best solution? What are the possibilities?

Whether you're an experienced developer needing a more structured theory or a beginning software architect, this course is designed for you.  We'll look at six major architecture models that you can use in a variety of business situations:

  • Client-server architecture

  • Event-driven architecture

  • Service-oriented architecture

  • Plug-in architecture

  • Layered architecture

  • Data-centered architecture

You'll learn when to use these architectures, what level of maintainability they require, and what their limitations are. You'll review examples of how to represent these different architectures. And, if you rise to the challenge, you'll make a few on your own!

Are you ready to find out what the best architecture solutions are for your business problem? Then meet me in the first chapter to get started! 🙂

 Meet Your Teacher

José Esterkin
Your Teacher

I have worked in software development, software architecture, and project management for over 30 years. I have taught software and project management courses to more than 3,000 practitioners and students since 1998.

I was President of PMI Chapter Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2010, 2012 and 2015, and a volunteer member of PMI's REP and Academic Advisory Groups, which are global committees that advise PMI about trends and new best practices of project management. 

I founded and currently manage Positive, a project management consulting and training firm based in Buenos Aires that serves its clients in Latin America and Spain.

I live in Buenos Aires with my wife and two daughters. I like chess, biking, jazz and cinema, and of course, software.

My motto (borrowed from Albert Einstein) is: "If you can't explain it in simple words, you don't understand it well enough."

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