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Last updated on 6/29/20

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Welcome to this course on architecture designs! Here is an overview of how to best navigate this course.

Course Structure

Each of the six major architectures covered in this course is independent of one another, meaning that you can read the chapters in the order that interests you, instead of in the order presented.

In each chapter, you'll find the same elements:

  • A definition (What is X architecture?). 

  • An explanation of the major components of the architecture including diagrams (What is the structure of X architecture?).

  • Situations in which to use the architecture (When would I use X architecture?). 

  • A case study, showing how to analyze a business problem, with a solution (case study). 

  • A practice activity, where you draw your own architecture based on a situation (Try it out for yourself!) and check it against a solution. 

This is an advanced course that is primarily focused on technical architecture.  By providing text-only chapters, you can review and analyze the diagrams at your own speed. Additionally, you have the option of skipping around and easily sourcing the information you need.  It gives you, the advanced learner, more freedom to control what you learn, when, and at what pace.

Now, for the most important question: are you ready to get started working with architecture diagrams? Join me in the following chapters!

Example of certificate of achievement
Example of certificate of achievement