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Last updated on 6/1/23

Course introduction

If you’ve ever wondered how you can make your content accessible to more people, what can create barriers for users, or how you can better support users with disabilities in interacting with your websites, you’re in the right place!

In this course, you’re going to learn what accessibility means on the web, how people use assistive technologies to interact with digital content, and how inclusive design benefits all of us.  You’ll learn the requirements for creating accessible web content and how to test them using automated tools, manual techniques, and assistive technologies. You’ll learn the principles of accessible design and how they apply to typography, color, media, and interactions. And you’ll learn to design more inclusively from the very start and communicate your accessible designs across teams.

In the first two parts, you’ll get an in-depth understanding of some of the key considerations for making accessible content, and how and where to look for potential accessibility barriers. In the last part, we’ll get to the really fun stuff, and you’ll have the chance to integrate everything you learned by designing an accessible web page.

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