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Last updated on 3/8/23

Course introduction

It's easy to want to jump right into social media and create content and manage communities. But to communicate effectively, you need a robust social media strategy, which means defining a detailed action plan with a particular communication or marketing goal in mind.

In this course, you will learn how to choose the right social networks for your particular goals. You will also learn how to produce content that speaks to your brand and engage your community! Finally, you will learn how to organize your team and implement your strategy over time. 

Ready to get started? Then see you in the first chapter! 😁

Meet Your Teachers

Ugo helps build social media strategies to help foster community engagement. He leads workshops to help marketers define their social media identities and writes courses to train the new generation of Social Media Marketers. In Ugo's words: "I create content and conversations". Ugo co-created the original French version of this course.

With degrees in both business and multimedia, Jerome has taken the digital word by storm. After growing and managing two entities at TBWA, he founded ketsu, a digital marketing agency that helps other agencies refine their corporate communication strategies. He has worked for SNCF, BNP Paribas, Total, Pepsico, La Banque Postale, Electrolux, Doux, and more. Jerome co-created the original French version of this course.

Throughout her career, Latasha has worked in-house for nonprofit organizations, tech startups, and multiple Fortune 500 companies. She started freelancing a few years into her Film, Video, & Media Studies degree and now owns a marketing company called James + Park. She is featured in Business Insider, Forbes, Elle Canada, Hour Detroit, DC Web Fest. She is also a speaker for Social Media Day Detroit, Social Media Week Kalamazoo, Podthon, and more.

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