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Last updated on 10/8/20

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Course introduction

Have you heard of soft skills, also called transferable skills? They include decision-making, collaboration, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, creativity, organization, service orientation, communication, etc. Soft skills are necessary to successfully adapting to changes in the professional world, interacting others, or solving complex problems. They are useful for all professions and have ever-increasing value in the job market.

Do you want to develop these skills? Then you’re in the right place! In this course, you’ll explore why soft skills are essential for your future career. You will then complete a self-assessment and identify your strengths and areas you can improve. Finally, you will create an action plan to develop the soft skills that will allow you to accomplish your goals. 

So let’s go!

Meet your teachers: 

Julien Bouret

“Develop your soft skills” is an adaptation of Julien Bouret’s course in French, Développez vos soft skills. Julien is the co-author of two books, Soft Skills (Dunod, 2018) and Soft Skills Reflex (Dunod, 2014). He supports digital, managerial, and operational transformations in the professional world based on soft skills development. A specialist in meditative practices and mental preparation, he primarily works in business, higher education, and high-level sports to communicate the keys to professional well-being. He develops personalized interactive intervention formats, both face-to-face and online, to deliver advice, coaching, workshops, and soft skills conferences.

Malene Rydahl will be your instructor in this English version of the course. Malene Rydahl is an author, keynote speaker, and executive coach who specializes in well-being and performance. She helps companies all over the world develop more soft skills and cultivate well-being amongst the employees. She also teaches these skills at Sciences Po Paris. She published her first book, Happy as a Dane, in 2014, which was translated into more than 12 languages. 

Table of contents

Example of certificate of achievement
Example of certificate of achievement