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Last updated on 1/23/23

Take it Further: Learn More About Artificial Intelligence

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You now know how prevalent artificial intelligence already is in our lives, how it can help us, and some of the ethical concerns it raises. You have demystified this scientific discipline and now know how artificial intelligence projects are structured and machine learning and deep learning's basic characteristics.

You can now:

  • Identify how AI impacts your daily life.

  • Use AI-based tools in your life and work while remaining mindful of how other entities are using them. 

  • Participate in the public discussion and in democratic decision-making about how this technology is being used.

Are AI Skills Required for Your Career?

Businesses require specialists in AI and data science to develop and deploy their data strategies. But they are not the only ones who depend on data!

Many professions now require data analysis skills, and this trend will only continue in the coming years.

Whether you are a decision-maker, manager, or employee, training will allow you to move up in your profession and take on more responsibility (incidentally earning more money—these skills are highly paid!).

Here are a few skills you could acquire through training by taking an online course, for example 😉:

Do You Want to Make Artificial Intelligence the Focus of Your Career?

At the associate's level, you could become a data analyst. This first step into data science will give you skills in data analysis and visualization to meet a company’s information needs.

The data analyst path on OpenClassrooms!
The data analyst path on OpenClassrooms!

At the master's level, with a solid background in mathematics, the in-demand data scientist profession is open to you. Recruiters look for strong data preparation and analysis skills but also proficiency in machine learning. Data scientists can then specialize to become, for example, machine learning engineers or AI engineers. Feel free to check out the AI Engineer Path on OpenClassrooms!

Finally, if you possess computer engineering skills, you can find the big data engineer or data architect professions, starting at the master's level, at the crossroads between IT and data. In these professions, you will be responsible for setting up data infrastructures and administering data flows to enable their use by your analyst co-workers.

Additional Resources

If you want to learn even more, here are some selected resources that will take you even further into the subjects covered by this course.

Things to Watch:

Some TEDx Videos:

Thanks again for taking this course and trusting us with your learning journey. See you again soon!

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Example of certificate of achievement
Example of certificate of achievement