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Last updated on 5/12/22

Practice Deploying Windows 10 With Sysprep

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Over to you now!

Here is one last round of practice before you finish the course. It will give you a chance to apply what you have learned in a realistic context. Go through this exercise step by step. Once you’ve finished, compare your work with the ideas I have provided.

Exercise Time!

You’re an IT technician for a startup. Recent fundraising has led to a surge in recruitment in your company. All the computers need to be ready quickly, so you opt for a customized Windows 10 installation.

To do this, use Sysprep and generate an answer file that will allow you to choose the language for the computer:

  • English only.

  • The interface for choosing the language should never appear, even if a mistake has been made.

Here is my recommendation for how you should document your work on this final exercise:

  • A Word file explaining what you have done and why illustrating each of the steps with screenshots. You need to deliver at least four screenshots:

    • One when you change over to audit mode.

    • One for the command line when generalizing the image.

    • One when using Windows PE.

    • One for the folder that you will transform into an ISO image.

  • An XML-format answer file.  

Remember, practice makes perfect. Doing this exercise will give you a chance to make plenty of mistakes in a low-stakes environment so that you're ready when you have to do this in a professional setting.

The End

This chapter brings this course to an end. I’ve been delighted to share my knowledge with you. Don’t forget that you need to keep challenging yourself and learning new things because the industry is constantly evolving.

You now have what you need to put what you have learned into practice. Don’t forget that if it doesn’t work (and there are aways problems the first few times, trust me!), then simply start over and try again.

Once you have tried this exercise a few times, finish the course by taking the final quiz. 

Good luck, and thank you for letting me guide you on this journey. See you soon in your next OpenClassrooms course!

Example of certificate of achievement
Example of certificate of achievement