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Last updated on 3/23/22

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Course introduction

Imagine working back in the early days of computer support when paper tickets were pinned to a board, and you checked them over then picked off the one you felt should be handled next!

Your IT Support day now probably revolves around a ticketing system that helps you follow a plan from ticket receipt to getting it resolved. Over the years, many tools, best practices and techniques have been developed to help with IT service management (ITSM), including ticket creation, prioritization, management, reporting, customer portals and knowledge bases.

Using a free personal evaluation copy of the ticketing tool Zendesk, we’ll guide you through the basic principles of effective ticket management, learning some of the industry terminology and considering how to communicate effectively with your customers as you help resolve their issues. All of this, designed to make your life “on the help desk” as stress-free as possible.

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Example of certificate of achievement