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Last updated on 5/25/22

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Course introduction

At OpenClassrooms, professionals assess the work done by every student. We call them assessors, and they directly impact whether or not students earn a qualification. Assessors analyze the student’s deliverables, moderate the presentation, share their feedback on the student’s work, and pass or fail the project by forming their evaluation based on the assessment criteria.

  • How can I be objective when assessing a student’s work?

  • How can I make students feel comfortable during the assessment and help them feel less stressed?

  • How do I tell a student that they have failed?

Don’t worry; you’re not the only person with these questions, and this course will provide you with the answers!

In this course, you will find out more about an assessor’s responsibilities, the techniques used to assess a student’s skills, and how to provide constructive feedback following the assessment. Whether you are already an assessor or wish to become one in the future, this is the place to learn about this role and best practices. 

Table of contents

Example of certificate of achievement
Example of certificate of achievement