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Last updated on 3/3/22

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Course introduction

Have you mastered the basics of React? Are you comfortable with JSX and happy managing state and effects? Well done! But what about front-end routing? Or hooks? And have you written any tests for your app?

It’s time to take React up a gear!

In this course, you’ll move beyond a beginner’s understanding of React. Step by step, you’ll build your first complete app, improving it with features as you master new concepts.

We’ll start by working together to build a robust single-page application integrating React Router (v5). You’ll also learn how to indicate which properties should be passed to your components with PropTypes, and how to apply style to your components with styled-components. Next, we’ll examine hooks before looking at how to test our app. The final part of the course will equip you to progress within the React ecosystem as you learn about class components

So if you’ve already mastered the basics but want to take your React learning to the next level, join me on this course!

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Example of certificate of achievement