How exactly will I learn on an OpenClassrooms path?

Want to know what it’s like to study on one of our paths? Let us guide you through the different steps in the learning experience, with the help of our students.

Studies that adapt to your life

Our students describe their experiences.

Manon, 24


Camille, 36


Hafid, 43

Single parent

Alicia, 51

Reskilling at work



If you need help choosing a training program, our orientation specialists are there to guide you with emails, phone calls and webinars. They’ll be able to suggest training programs and funding options to fit your needs.

“I wasn’t sure which path to take. OpenClassrooms’ orientation specialists helped me make the right choice.”

Manon, 24Apprentice

Start date

You don’t need to wait until January or September to start your training program. Once we've validated your application, you can start right away.

“I decided to train as a product manager in April and, a few days later, I’d already started my path!”

Camille, 36Freelancer


You’re invited to onboarding webinars to learn exactly how the training programs work. To dive deeper into your path, decide on a study schedule that fits your life, and improve your independent learning, there’s the first one-to-one with your mentor.

“The webinars helped me understand OpenClassrooms’ teaching method and my mentor gave me constructive study tips right from the start.”

Hafid, 43Single parent

Skill acquisition

Instead of studying for exams and getting grades, you work on and present projects to validate the skills you’ll need in the field and build a professional portfolio. You complete a skill acquisition cycle for each project, with the help of your mentor, online resources, and learning support.

“Project by project, I worked on the deliverables, took the suggested courses and met my mentor once a week for professional advice.”

Alicia, 51Reskilling at work


For each path, you complete a series of relevant practical projects. Each project has a different theme and duration and requires a specific skill set. They get harder as you go along! But when you look back, you realize just how far you’ve come.

“Working on my projects taught me skills I use every day in my job.”

Camille, 36Freelancer

Mentoring sessions

You schedule mentoring sessions once a week, when it suits you (including evenings and weekends). Throughout your path, your mentor shares their experience in the industry and provides constructive feedback, guidance, and support.

“I could always count on my mentor to follow my progress, give me advice and keep me motivated.”

Hafid, 43Single parent

Learning resources

Although you’re autonomous in your studies, you’re never alone. There are plenty of learning resources to help with your projects and you can always reach out to learners and mentors on OpenClassrooms’ social network.

“I learned a lot from the courses and webinars, and the OpenClassrooms community was there whenever I got stuck.”

Alicia, 51Reskilling at work

Skill assessment

When your project’s ready, you share your deliverables then present them to an assessor online. If you don’t pass the first time, you can rework your project with the help of your mentor. Once it’s approved, it’s time to start the next project cycle!

“I looked forward to presenting my projects. Validating skills was another step toward completing my path.”

Manon, 24Apprentice

Support (if needed)

If you’ve got questions or can’t keep up, our friendly Success team is there to support you and help you catch up.

“When I got sick and started falling behind, an advisor contacted me directly with tips to get back on track.”

Alicia, 51Reskilling at work

Jury & diploma

A jury of experts meets and deliberates to validate your portfolio of projects. You don’t attend this session as jury members review several portfolios at the same time. You receive your diploma shortly after the jury validates that you’ve acquired all the skills.

“Hard work does pay off. Once the jury had validated my portfolio... I got my diploma! I’ll never forget that moment.”

Camille, 36Freelancer


At the end of your training program, you’re ready to take a step up the career ladder. Your professional portfolio and diploma can help you sign a new contract (if that’s your goal), and the skills you’ve acquired mean you’re job-ready from day one, at your current company or a new one.

“My experience with OpenClassrooms didn’t stop when I finished my path. My career coach helped me find a full-time job.”

Hafid, 43Single parent

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