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DiplomaOpenClassrooms certificationDurationFull time: 6 months
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Marketing & Communication

Digital Marketer

DiplomaOpenClassrooms certificationDurationFull time: 6 months

What Is the Role of a Digital Marketer?

In this role, you will be responsible for leveraging digital channels (email, social media, websites, online ads, etc.) to design, build, and implement marketing campaigns, generate leads, and drive customer sales. 

You will also harness analytics to identify weaknesses and find ways to improve your marketing efforts across all digital channels.

You will work with teams from all parts of the company: management, data analysts, graphic designers, copywriters, sales reps, and others! These stakeholders will count on you to choose the digital marketing tools that best meet their growth needs. 

What Will I Learn?

By the end of this path, you'll be able to:

  • Determine the most effective social media channels for a brand.
  • Create a paid online advertising campaign.
  • Report on the effectiveness of a campaign and goal conversions.
  • Develop an editorial calendar.
  • Create an emailing strategy.
  • Write copy in the brand's tone of voice.

And you’ll have opportunities to acquire many other key skills you’ll need to succeed as a digital marketer!


What Are My Job Prospects?

Many job titles match the skills you will develop in this path, including:

  • Digital marketing assistant 
  • Digital marketing executive
  • Digital marketing analyst 
  • Digital marketing specialist
  • Growth hacker 
  • Growth specialist
  • Social media manager
  • Campaign executive 
  • Search marketing strategist

Digital marketers earn the following salaries:

Your salary will vary depending on location.

Digital marketers are actively sought after to work in media agencies or directly within a marketing team in almost all industries.

Am I Eligible to Enroll?

This path is open to everyone. However, to get off on the right foot and complete the path in the estimated six months, you need the following:

  • A high school diploma/GCSE level.
  • You will need to provide a certificate not older than 2 years to demonstrate a minimum level of English B2.

    Certificates accepted:

    • English Diploma from a secondary institution (private or public) or an accredited higher learning institution
    • Linguaskill minimum score: 160
    • BULATS minimum score: 60
    • TOEIC minimum score: 785
    • IELTS minimum score: 6.5
    • TOEFL iBT minimum score: 88
    • Cambridge FCE / CAE / BEC HIGHER / BEC VANTAGE minimum score or grade: B or 160
    • Certificate from a language center demonstrating a minimum level of B2 (including the number of training hours completed and the company signature or stamp)

    Don’t have one of these certificates? Find out where to take an exam.

  • Access to a computer (PC or Mac), headphones, a webcam, and a stable internet connection.

To earn the diploma, you’ll need to complete all projects and have them reviewed by your mentors. A jury made up of professionals will then check your work. 

Your OpenClassrooms certification

  • OpenClassrooms is a private distance learning establishment, registered with the Board of Education in Paris, France.

  • Once you’ve completed your training path and validated your skills, you’ll be awarded the OpenClassrooms certification.

Hired or refunded guarantee

  • You find a job in the 6 months following the date of validation of your last path project.

  • Otherwise, we guarantee the reimbursement of your tuition.*
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Marketing & Communication

Digital Marketer

DiplomaOpenClassrooms certificationDurationFull time: 6 months

A teaching method based on practical experience.

  • Acquire key skills for your future career with real-world projects.

  • Make progress with the support of an experienced professional.

  • Acquire concrete know-how and demonstrate it with a portfolio.

Detailed projects and skills

project 1

Pitch Marketing Solutions to an Energy Company

Convince an energy company to work with your marketing agency. Your prospect wants to increase their outcomes but needs persuading to create a marketing budget.
Duration40 hours
Skills acquired in this project
  • Adopt a lifelong learning mindset
  • Describe the role of marketing in a modern business
  • Describe the role of digital marketing in a modern business
  • Identify new content trends
project 2

Identify Target Customer Groups for a Line of Home Cooking Kits

Get to know the audience of a new food delivery product to improve targeting. You’re taking over from the market researcher to finish the analysis!
Duration70 hours
Skills acquired in this project
  • Identify customer needs
  • Complete a competitive analysis
  • Segment customers
  • Describe an audience using data
project 3

Collect User Data and Optimise User Experience to Maximise Conversion

Maison Dubois is a French brand of high-end handcrafted furniture. Produce landing pages and a welcome email program to kickstart their online distribution.
Duration60 hours
Skills acquired in this project
  • Edit landing pages on a website
  • Create emails using basic HTML and CSS
  • Report on the effectiveness of a lead generation campaign and goal conversions
  • Set up automated emails based on triggers in user behavior
project 4

Audit the Website of a Small Local Business to Optimize Their SEO

Help a local business improve their SEO by identifying valuable keywords and devising an editorial calendar. Thanks to you, they should gradually feature higher in search engines.
Duration40 hours
Skills acquired in this project
  • Develop an editorial calendar
  • Report on the effectiveness of a content marketing strategy
  • Drive traffic to your website by integrating SEO best practices into content production
project 5

Upgrade the App Store Page for a SaaS Invoicing App

Flow is a simple accounting app for small businesses and needs to be promoted effectively in app stores. Critique the promotional visuals created by the creative team and practice making your own!
Duration60 hours
Skills acquired in this project
  • Create basic multimedia assets based on a style guide
  • Brief a creative team to develop assets for digital marketing campaigns
  • Write copy in the brand's tone of voice
  • Check the compliance of an asset with the initial brief and industry standards
project 6

Create a Campaign to Advertise a New Fragrance for a Luxury Brand

A luxury brand is launching a new fragrance. Initiate a paid ad campaign for them to promote their new perfume on several platforms. Gain a Google Certificate along the way!
Duration60 hours
Skills acquired in this project
  • Prepare an online paid advertising campaign
  • Create a paid online advertising campaign within a channel
  • Report on the effectiveness of a paid campaign and goal conversions
project 7

Develop a Nonprofit's Social Media Engagement Strategy

Analyze a nonprofit’s social media presence and work on their positioning, targeting, and content to improve their efforts.
Duration70 hours
Skills acquired in this project
  • Analyse the e-reputation of a brand
  • Determine the most effective social media channels for a brand
  • Interact with leads or clients via social media
  • Publish original or curated content on social media which fits brand messaging
  • Report on the effectiveness of a social media strategy

One-to-one learning support

  • Benefit from weekly individual mentoring sessions with an expert in the field.

  • Progress rapidly through projects thanks to their expertise in sharing know-how.

The OpenClassrooms community

  • Count on our solid student community to give you support 24-7.

  • Share your doubts or queries with a comprehensive network of students, mentors, and graduates.

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