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Systems & Network

IT Support Technician

Whatever the size of the company or the sector of the economy, information technology is indispensable: computer workstations, servers, networks, and mobile technology. The role of an IT support technician is to manage these tools and support their users.

What Will I Do as an IT Support Technician?

If we had to pick one word to describe what it’s like to be an IT support technician, it would be “versatile.” An IT support technician is involved in all aspects of IT infrastructure, from deployment to maintenance and from security to upgrading. They are also the main point of contact for solving their company’s or client’s daily problems.

As an IT support technician, you’ll install and deploy a range of computer equipment (PCs, tablets, printers, software) and connect them to a wired or wireless network. You’ll maintain this equipment in working order, keep it secure, and provide regular updates. You’ll communicate with users or clients throughout a company, from management down and hardware, software, and network suppliers.

Beyond these technical skills, a successful IT support technician must show their people skills. One of the most important tasks of an IT team is user support. To provide top-notch support, you’ll learn how to understand users’ needs and manage their stress. You’ll need to communicate quickly, clearly, and politely with people of all positions inside and outside your company, including teaching colleagues how to use technology that they are unfamiliar with or intimidated by. Finally, to excel as an IT support technician, you’ll need to be curious and resourceful!

Starting out as an IT support technician is a great opportunity for switching to a career in technology. You don’t need any prior experience or knowledge in technology to do this training. Once you’ve completed the training, you have a clear path to a wide range of tech positions! As you gain career experience, you can then advance to become a systems administrator or an IT manager.

What Will I Learn in This Training?

You'll wear many hats in your job as an IT technician. For that, we'll teach you a variety of skills, including but not limited to:

  • Set up a computer to meet a user's needs.
  • Install hardware and software in a company’s infrastructure.
  • Back up a user’s computer.
  • Provide IT assistance following an established procedure.
  • Provide support to users on IT tools and security.
  • Monitor the availability of a server.
  • Manage interactions with IT service providers.
  • Manage IT inventory.
  • Advocate solutions to improve IT equipment.

In addition to these technical skills, you will learn transversal or “soft” skills, which will help you grow as an IT support technician and allow you to progress in your career:

  • Service orientation
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Organization
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Teaching ability
  • Stress management

The skillset for this path has been mapped to the CompTIA A+ certificate. You can sit the CompTIA A+ certificate exam after finishing your OpenClassrooms path.

How Much Can I Earn?

After completing your IT support technician training, you can expect a gross annual salary of £25,000 (for a beginner) to £35,000 (after a few years of experience) in the U.K., and from $30,000 (beginner) to $45,000 (some experience) in the U.S. (numbers from Manpower, Glassdoor, IT career finders). The salary will also vary by the region you work in or the size of your company or department. 

Where Can My Career Go From Here?

This training is a gateway to jobs across the IT field! By following it, you can work in different professions:

  • IT support technician
  • Support or Helpdesk technician
  • Infrastructure technician
  • Computer repair technician
  • Computer support specialist
  • Systems and networks technician

These professions are in all sectors of the economy and within all types of companies. You’ll have plenty of choices to develop your skills in the direction you’re most interested in.

You can grow in your career as an IT support technician through experience or continued studies. For instance, you can advance into a position as an infrastructure, network, or systems administrator or a technical or IT support manager.  

Who Is Eligible to Enroll?

To get started on this training, you need to have the following prerequisites:

  • A good level of English (for non-native speakers, a CEFR level of B2, an IELTS band score of 6.5, or a TOEFL score of 80 is recommended).
  • Access to a computer (PC or Mac), headphones, a microphone, a webcam, and a good internet connection for mentoring sessions (3.2 Mbps upload and 1.8 Mbps for download). You can use an internet speed test to find out, like High Speed Internet.

A high school diploma / GED / GCSE level is recommended but not required.

In addition, to master the skills on this path, you will need to have the following technical requirements:

  • At least 16 GB of RAM and 100 GB of free storage space available on your computer.
  • Administrator rights to your computer in order to install required programs. 

University of Massachusetts Global Partnership 

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Systems & Network

IT Support Technician

A teaching method based on practical experience.

  • Acquire key skills for your future career with real-world projects.

  • Make progress with the support of an experienced professional.

  • Acquire concrete know-how and demonstrate it with a portfolio.

Detailed projects and skills

project 1

Start Your Journey as an IT Support Technician

Learn about the basics of IT support and set up your personalized training plan and a technology monitoring dashboard.
Duration20 hours
Skills acquired in this project
  • Create a training plan
  • Set up a technology monitoring dashboard
project 2

Assemble the Ideal Computer for Your Customer

Research and prepare a quote to the specifications for an architect's customized PC
Duration30 hours
Skills acquired in this project
  • Set up a workstation that meets the user's needs
project 3

Deploy IT Equipment for a Start-up

Follow an action plan to install workstations for a small robotics company, ensure automatic updates and remote control, and intervene on a defective machine.
Duration60 hours
Skills acquired in this project
  • Install a user workstation and peripherals
  • Maintain a user workstation in operational condition
project 4

Develop the IT Infrastructure of an SME

Upgrade a small law firm's IT equipment by setting up their new infrastructure, installing a Virtual Machine, and providing them with technical documentation.
Duration60 hours
Skills acquired in this project
  • Install hardware and peripherals on company infrastructure
  • Integrate mobile and peripheral workstations on a network
  • Configure company software
project 5

Secure the Workstations in an IT Inventory

Ensure IT security at a digital bank with automatic backup, antivirus software and safety communications.
Duration50 hours
Skills acquired in this project
  • Secure a user workstation
  • Check the integrity of a user workstation backup
  • Set up a backup for a user workstation
project 6

Provide User Support

Serve as an integral part of the HelpDesk team at a global company by responding to and organizing tickets with ServiceNow IT software.
Duration60 hours
Skills acquired in this project
  • Provide IT assistance following an established procedure
  • Provide support to users concerning tools and IT security
  • Provide IT assistance by conducting an incident analysis
project 7

IT Service Management on a Daily Basis

Perform a variety of IT support tasks in a typical technician's day using ServiceNow.
Duration70 hours
Skills acquired in this project
  • Write a technical report or a supplement to a documentary database
  • Ensure compliance with legislation on IT equipment
  • Manage interactions with IT service providers
  • Monitor the availability of a server
  • Manage the IT inventory
project 8

Improve a Company's Information System

Propose a software solution for your company's information system on a topic of your choice.
Duration50 hours
Skills acquired in this project
  • Design a working prototype to demonstrate the IT system improvement
  • Advocate solutions to improve the IT system
  • Write a technology gap analysis

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