Benefits of Premium Plus membership

Do you want to learn an in-demand job skill set? Premium Plus membership is a great choice!
  • Job paths from A to Z

    Learn a job skill set from A to Z, crucial for starting your first job or switching careers. We accompany you step by step from the basics to the real expert know-how.

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  • Internationally recognized diplomas

    Our paths culminate in internationally recognized bachelor's-level and master's-level diplomas generally registered with the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP). The diploma levels are recognized in 50 countries through the <a href="%link%" target="_blank" class="%className%">Bologna process</a>.<br/>To confirm that your path is officially recognized, check out the "Your diploma" section of each path.

  • Individual help via mentor

    Keep up with your mentor each week via videochats of 30 minutes to an hour depending on your needs. Your mentor will define and follow a learning planning that suits your level, rhythm, and goals. You'll enjoy additional projects and exercises from your mentor as well.

  • Access to a work-study contract (only in France)

    You can combine your learning program with a work-study or apprenticeship contract. A combination of work and study lets you apply your newly-learned knowledge to real professional situations. With the online format, companies can take advantage of a highly flexible training program structure.

  • Student status

    With your proof of enrollment, you can enjoy the numerous benefits of student status such as discounts, financial aid, and more.

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  • Unlimited courses and exercises

    Take as many courses as you like via your dashboard and up your productivity! Test out your knowledge via quizzes and peer-graded activities. Learn at your own rhythm.

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  • Achievement certificates

    Earn certificates of achievement that are recognized by recruiters. Add them to your CV or your LinkedIn profile with one click.

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  • Offline mode

    Download our HD videos and watch them as often as you like, even without an internet connection or on tablets and mobile devices.

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