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Terms of Service


In the Terms of Service, the following terms with a capital letter, in the singular and/or the plural, have the meaning given to them as follows:

  • Award: diploma, certificate of achievement, or degree awarded to the Subscriber on successful completion of and a pass in certain Paths after receiving a favourable notice issued by the exam board.
  • Certificate of achievement: certificates issued to Premium Solo and Premium Plus Subscribers when the Subscriber passes all the exercises in the Course and has obtained a sufficient score to obtain the Certificate. The Certificate shows the acquisition of skills and is valued by recruitment agents.
  • Course: a course in the form of texts, images (outlines, illustrations, etc.) and/or videos, created by any expert (e.g. Subscribers, OpenClassrooms, universities, schools, businesses, etc.) in a given area and accessible online under the Service; the Course may include exercises in the form of automatically marked quizzes and/or homework assessed by Subscribers; Courses in video form may be viewed through streaming by the User and/or downloaded to be viewed offline by the Subscriber.
  • Mentor: an industry practitioner or teacher responsible for assisting the Subscriber individually or in a group; the Mentor defines the objectives and draws up a learning plan and progress of the Subscriber, provides educational support for carrying out Projects successfully and monitors the Subscriber’s progress. The Mentor provides support on a virtual /distance basis only.
  • Offer: option of Subscription subscribed online by the Subscriber; details of the Offers offered to the Subscriber are accessible on the Site.
  • Path: an online education experience that includes projects, courses, and mentoring sessions. Students who complete a path usually receive a State-recognized diploma in France.
  • Premium Plus: a Subscription for diploma-level or degree level teaching for any Subscriber in return for payment of a monthly fee. In addition to the Premium Solo Services, Premium Plus includes the ability to follow a Path, support by a Mentor and the benefit of guarantee of employment and/or an internship within 6 months of completing the Path, access to a “Contrat de professionalisation” limited to France and for certain Paths only. It also allows to obtain a student status.
  • Premium Solo: teaching in return for payment of a monthly or annual fee for following unlimited Courses and exercises, for obtaining a Certificate of achievement on the successful completion of Courses and for browsing offline mode.
  • Project: practical exercises offered as a part of a Path to Premium Plus Subscribers only.
  • Services: access to online apprenticeship services based on mutual assistance and sharing offered on the digital Platform.
  • Subscriber: any person who has subscribed a Premium Solo or Premium Plus Subscription.
  • Subscription: Subscription to all or part of the paying functions of the Services by a Subscriber according to the Offer he has subscribed.
  • User: any person who uses the Platform, whether he is a Subscriber or not.

1.1 General provisions relating to the Terms of Service

The present Terms of Service define your rights and obligations as a Subscriber to the Services and apply throughout the term of your Subscription.

These Terms of Service are binding on the Subscriber who acknowledges, by ticking a box provided for this purpose, having read them and having accepted them before signing up.

These Terms of Service were communicated to you prior to your order and are in any event accessible at any time on our Platform and at the time of the order for your Subscription.

They are issued by OpenClassrooms, whose contact details can be found under the "Legal Information" section of the website accessible at the following url address:


We offer two paid-for Subscriptions for the Services.

2.1 Premium Solo Service

(a) Description

The Premium Solo Service gives access to the following functions:

  • Access to the whole catalogue of courses and exercises;
  • Courses at your own pace offered by OpenClassrooms and its partners;
  • Certificate of achievements offered by OpenClassrooms and its partners, for obtaining, in the event of a pass in the Course, a Certificate of achievement which attests to the knowledge and skills of the Subscriber. The Certificate of achievement may be displayed in the Subscriber’s curriculum vitae and/or on the Subscriber’s profile on professional social networks;
  • Unlimited downloading of videos of courses offered by OpenClassrooms and its partners;
  • Exchanges with other Users in the discussion areas, the forum and the private messaging areas in accordance with the General Conditions of Use.

(b) Subscription

To subscribe to the Premium Solo Subscription, click on “Become Premium Solo”. You will then be redirected to the page for signing up to the Subscription. After choosing a monthly or annual Subscription, the Subscriber must then fill in his/her personal and banking details and agree to the Terms of Service by ticking the box provided for this purpose. Before clicking on the “Confirm” button, you can check the details of your registration and its total price and return to the previous pages to correct errors and make changes to your order. After you have registered, you will receive an email confirming your Subscription and an email with your User credentials to gain access to the Courses on the Platform. You have the option of using a French or English language version.

(c) Price

You have the option of taking out a monthly or annual Subscription at the prices displayed on the page:

(d) Term – Termination

The Premium Solo Subscription continues for one (1) month or twelve (12) months, depending on which option you choose. On its monthly or annual expiry, the Premium Solo Subscription payment will automatically renew for an identical period of one (1) month or twelve (12) months, depending on which option you choose. However, you will have the possibility of unsubscribing at any time from the OpenClassrooms Platform. Termination may be made online via the page “My Parameters, Premium tab” on and will be effective from the next monthly or annual invoicing term.

One (1) month before the expiry of the Service, you will be informed by email of the possibility to end your annual Subscription.

The Contract may be terminated by the Subscriber or its legal representative if, further to an event of force majeure, the Subscriber is prevented from following the corresponding teaching.

2.2 Premium Plus Service

(a) Description

Through our Premium Plus Service, you will be trained in a job in connection with the Path you have chosen, benefiting from the following functions:

  • You will be supported by a Mentor in your progress and will help develop your own personal plan;
  • You will carry out Projects and practical exercises;
  • Your progress will be monitored;
  • According to the Path, on its completion and subject to the decision of the jury, you will obtain an Award relating to the Path chosen;
  • You will be given a guarantee of Employment within six (6) months under the conditions of article 2.2(h);
  • You will have access to all the Premium Solo Services (as referred to by Article 2.1).

(b) Subscription

If you wish to subscribe to the Premium Plus Service, click on “Choose a Path” to view all our diploma-award Paths.

When you have chosen the Path suitable for you and are on the page relating to the Path chosen, two (2) options are offered to you: you can click on the tab “I am starting now” or “Talk to an advisor”.

  • If you click on the first tab “I am starting now”, you will be redirected to a page allowing you to register by filling in your personal details and payment information and by accepting the present Terms of Service and the Internal Student Regulations by ticking the box provided for this purpose. Before clicking on the “Confirm” button, you can check the details of your order and its total price and go back to the previous pages to correct any errors or make changes to your order. Once you have registered, you will receive a summary of your order and your User credentials in order to gain access to the Path on the Platform.
  • If you click on the second tab “Talk to an advisor”, you have the possibility of filling in the form with your details and choosing the question desired from a drop-down menu. You should then click on “Send” for the question to be sent to us. We will reply within a reasonable period. Our Student Success team will contact you as soon as possible so that you can receive all the advantages of the Premium Plus option.

(c) Changing your Path

If you wish to change the Path to which you have just signed up, you can contact our Student Success team by email at the address: Any change to your Path is subject to OpenClassrooms’ approval.

If you change Path, the existing Contract between us will automatically terminate and we will have a new Contract between us on the same terms.

(d) Educational methods

You will find all the following educational information on each page of the Path, accessible at all times:

  • The programme of studies;
  • The conditions of teaching including the educational assistance, the work instructions, the Projects to be carried out, the exercises to be carried out and their correction;
  • The type and frequency of exercises submitted to the Subscriber;
  • The way in which the educational assistance service is provided, the methods used, the tests carried out, the way in which the teachers’ instructions are communicated and in relation to which the student is able to assess the result of all his efforts;
  • The identity and qualities of the teachers responsible for training the student;
  • The programme of teaching, its nature and the content of the fields of study;
  • The minimum number of work assignments of any kind that the student is asked to do, the spacing out of the teaching and the work done over time;
  • The level of prior knowledge, the level of the studies, their average length, assessed in number of hours, taking account of the student’s prior level of knowledge as indicated by his written representations and the diplomas and titles that he holds;
  • The employment and jobs for which they are preparing him.

We reserve the right to make changes relating to educational development to the Service ordered.

(e) Your obligations

By subscribing the Premium Plus Service, you agree to adhere to the commitments referred to in the Student Regulations on including the rules relating to attendance in the mentoring sessions. Failure to comply with the Student Regulations may lead to penalties being imposed on you, up to the termination of the Premium Plus Subscription on the initiative of OpenClassrooms.

(f) Price of the Premium Plus Service

The price of the Premium Service varies according to the Path selected and is displayed at the bottom of the page dedicated to the selected Path. To access to the Premium Plus Services, you must regularly update your Account, including the payment method. Otherwise you will not be able to access the Premium Services and we will have the right to terminate our Contract with you.

(g) Term – Termination

The Premium Plus Service is entered for an indefinite term.

The term of the Path is indicative only. Such term is estimated on the theoretical educational time of a Subscriber devoting himself to the Path full-time.

To stop automatic renewal, simply go to the "Premium" tab on the “My Parameters” page using the menu at the top right, on your avatar. There is a direct link to cancel your Subscription and after confirming this action, your account will be terminated at the end of the then-current period and we will not take any further payments.

The Contract may be terminated by the Subscriber or his legal representative if, further to an unforeseen event or an event of force majeure the Subscriber is prevented from following the corresponding teaching.

(h) “Guaranteed employment”

Except the case of Subscribers who are not self-financed, OpenClassrooms will give Premium Plus Subscribers who have registered for a Path, a guarantee of satisfaction(“Guaranteed Employment”), up to a maximum limit of six (6) months. Please note that our Guaranteed Employment offer only applies to Paths where this is indicated on the Path webpage and is subject to the below terms and conditions.

Conditions of application

OpenClassrooms agrees to reimburse the cost of the Path to a Premium Plus Subscriber who has obtained an Award for that Path if within six (6) months of the date of the validation of the last project in the Subscriber’s Path:

(a) the Subscriber has not started a self-employed business activity;

(b) the Subscriber has not received an offer of salaried employment, either full-time or part-time, involving either a fixed-term employment contract of at least six (6) months, or a temporary or freelance assignment or a permanent employment contract from an Organisation (defined as an entity, a private or public legal entity, in particular an enterprise, a private or public institution, local government, etc.) whose level of qualifications and remuneration is in line with the Path and the local employment market (hereinafter referred to as “the Employment”).

In order to claim a reimbursement, the Premium Plus Subscriber must fulfil the following conditions in good faith:

  1. The Premium Plus Subscriber is the holder of a legal permit to work in his country of residence for a minimum period of at least twelve (12) months, in accordance with the applicable regulations;
  2. The Premium Plus Subscriber lives, for six (6) months following the date of the successful completion of the Path (hereinafter referred to as “the Search Period”) in his country of residence and agrees to be mobile in order to accept Employment located in his country of residence and in neighbouring countries;
  3. The Premium Plus Subscriber agrees to use his best efforts to actively seek Employment, in particular through repeated Employment searches matching his Path, including a minimum of ten (10) new qualified and relevant applications per week with Organisation. The Premium Plus Subscriber must submit a detailed report to OpenClassrooms (to the email address, a minimum of one every fifteen (15) days, indicating all the applications sent and the associated offers of Employment if any, all the exchanges made and the meetings held irrespective of the media used, the Organisations contacted, including their name, location, type of business, persons contacted, relevant dates and replies received. The Premium Plus Subscriber also agrees to complete the student employment rate surveys sent by OpenClassrooms;
  4. The Premium Plus Subscriber must adhere to the General Conditions of Use of OpenClassrooms and its instructions, including, if OpenClassrooms deems it necessary, the obligation to follow the path, “Land your dream job”, including carrying out projects associated with this Path;
  5. The Premium Plus Subscriber must attend a weekly session with a Mentor from the first month of the Search Period (with these mentoring sessions being offered at no additional cost); it is essential that these sessions are attended in order to benefit from our offer of “Guaranteed Employment”.
  6. The Premium Plus Subscriber represents and warrants that on the date of his request for reimbursement, that he has not received, refused, accepted or left without reply any offer of Employment consistent with the Path during or before the Search Period.

Subject to the conditions above, OpenClassrooms will use reasonable means to help a Premium Plus Subscriber obtain Employment on completion of the Path, including the provision of individual support to the Premium Plus Subscriber during the Search Period at no additional cost.

Methods of reimbursement

To obtain reimbursement, the Premium Plus Subscriber must submit, within a maximum period of thirty (30) days from the end of the Search Period:

  • a certificate issued by the public employment service of Subscriber’s country of residence showing proof that Subscriber is seeking employment;
  • Subscriber’s bank details;
  • proof showing that the conditions referred to in Article 2.2(h) are met.

failing which, the Premium Plus Subscriber will not be entitled to receive any reimbursement relating to Guaranteed Employment.

OpenClassrooms agrees to reimburse amounts actually paid personally by the Premium Plus Subscriber on the Site relating to the Path, up to the limit of the average period of training indicated in the Path.

OpenClassrooms will reimburse the amounts to the Premium Plus Subscriber by bank transfer within thirty (30) days of the request for reimbursement provided for by Article 2.2(h) and subject to the receipt by OpenClassrooms of all the necessary documents.


The price of each Service is indicated as inclusive of tax and is expressed in euros (€).

However, the price may in certain cases be indicated in another currency according to the country where the Subscriber is located.

The amount for the Service subscribed by the Subscriber is displayed on the confirmation page of the order.
The price of the order is payable in full on confirmation of the order. No cost supplementary to the price of the original Service subscribed by the Subscriber will be invoiced without the Subscriber’s express consent.

We remind you that the costs of connection and communication (Internet and mobile Internet) relating to the use of the Platform are not paid by Openclassrooms and are exclusively payable by you.

Lastly, we reserve the right to refuse any Subscription if you are a minor without parental consent.

3.1 Payment

The price is payable in full after confirmation of the order in accordance with the option of the Service subscribed.

Payment is made as follows: either by means of a secure PayPal payment or by bank card by means of the secure payment interface or by any other means of payment available on the OpenClassrooms Platform on the day of the Subscription. We use an online secure payment system using encryption of the transmission of the bank details of the Parties. The payment module used is the “AdYen” system, a secure and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) certified platform.

The Subscriber is financially responsible for all the costs of unpaid amounts generated by the bank in case of rejection of the Subscriber’s payment.

3.2 Failure to pay

If the price is not paid when due, we reserve the right to claim its payment, suspend the provision of the Services concerned or automatically terminate the contract between us. Any amount not paid by the due payment date shall bear interest at the legal rate without any prior formal notice being required.

Any amount payable by the Subscriber that is not paid when due will automatically generate without prior notice a charge of 10% per month from the due payment date as well as payment of a lump sum compensation of €40 (forty euros) for debt recovery costs. If the recovery costs exceed such compensation, OpenClassrooms may charge the Subscriber an additional compensation on submission of receipts showing details of the procedures carried out.

Additionally, OpenClassrooms reserves the right fifteen (15) days after sending formal notice to pay by recorded post, which remains partially or totally without effect, to suspend the Service until all the amounts owed have been paid and if no payment is made, to automatically terminate the contract with immediate effect.

3.3 Invoicing

An invoice is issued for each Subscription registered. You may view your invoice on your “Profile - Premium” space on the Platform.

The price of Subscriptions will be invoiced on each due payment date according to the Service, and each new invoice will be available on your “My Account” space.

You agree to obtain the invoices for your orders electronically. Electronic invoices will be provided in .pdf format in your personal space on our Platform. A record of the transactions carried out may therefore be consulted at any time in the “My Account > Premium” page. We recommend that you print out and/or file your invoices on a reliable and durable medium for evidence purpose.


We can award promotional codes subject to conditions, details of which will be given at the time of the promotion for our Subscribers to benefit from advantages relating to the Services. In the event of a promotion on the prices, we will apply the promotional price to any registration made during the period of the promotion.

A Subscriber who is registered for an e-offer Service may be invited to support a non-Subscriber member.

In consideration for such support, the Subscriber will receive a gift voucher for the amount indicated on the website, which will be deducted from the Subscriber’s invoice for the month following the date of the support.

The person sponsored is awarded a free Premium Solo access for one (1) month.

The Subscriber Client may only use a single voucher per month.

The Subscriber Client may win up to a maximum of five (5) vouchers per Subscription.


The OpenClassrooms Platform is usually accessible 24/24 hours 7/7 days, except in the event of force majeure cases, in circumstances outside the control of OpenClassrooms and/or the hosting agent of the Service. In addition, we may temporarily suspend access to the OpenClassrooms Platform to carry out maintenance work relating to the technological development of the Platform or as necessary to ensure the effective operation of the Service. We agree to take all reasonable measures to guarantee the accessibility and continuity of the Services on the Platform, but we cannot guarantee the continuance or performance of the Platform.

Certain options for Courses and Paths indicated on our Platform may not yet be available for registration provided that their implementation is estimated to occur later in the year and such projected date is indicated on our Platform. In the event of early opening or delay in opening a Path, we will keep you informed on the Platform in the pages of the Paths concerned.

If the Services ordered are not available, please contact us at the address to inform us about any problem relating to your Subscription.


6.1 Premium Solo Subscribers

In accordance with the provisions of article L.221-28 1° & 13° of the Consumer Code, no cancellation is possible from the time when the Subscriber has used his access codes to access the Platform, which will be deemed as the start of the Services and express waiver of Subscriber’s right of withdrawal.

6.2 Premium Plus Subscribers

In accordance with article L.444-8 of the Education Code, the Premium Plus Subscriber has a cooling-off period of seven (7) days from the time of receipt by the Premium Plus Subscriber of the contract, failing which the contract shall be invalid. The contract may be terminated by the Subscriber within a period of three (3) months from the effective date of the contract, subject to the payment of an indemnity whose amount may not exceed 30% (thirty percent) of the contract price.


You are solely responsible for your choice of the Services provided by OpenClassrooms, their suitability with your requirements, your storage and your use of them.

You are solely responsible for your internet network connection and the costs incurred in connecting to that network or use of equipment. You are responsible for ensuring that the technical characteristics of the equipment you use allow you to access the Service, in particular with regard to the transmission of documents over the internet, and to take any measures appropriate to protect against any malware infections.

OpenClassrooms may only be held liable in the event of proven fault or negligence and this will be limited to any direct damage suffered by the Subscriber, excluding any indirect damage of any kind and in particular any loss of opportunity by the Subscriber, loss of profit, loss of revenue, commercial loss or loss of data and/or files. In any event, where OpenClassrooms is found liable, the maximum aggregate liability of OpenClassrooms under or in connection with this contract, on all grounds combined, shall be limited to the total amount of the price paid by the Client for the portion of the Service which is concerned.


8.1 The content of the Courses and Paths is owned by OpenClassrooms and our partners and is strictly reserved under copyright and other intellectual property rights by its proprietary owners worldwide. Consequently, any unauthorised reproduction, imitation or representation, in whole or in part, of these trademarks, logos, distinctive signs and content constitutes an infringement of copyright liable to criminal and civil legal proceedings.

8.2 All files, in particular the videos to be downloaded as part of the Services, are strictly copyright reserved and reserved under intellectual property by their holders and worldwide. Always subject to more restrictive provisions of the Intellectual Property Code I, only private use is authorised. Any reproduction, imitation, representation or extraction of these files, either total or partial, for purposes other than the intended use and/or their transfer to another medium is strictly prohibited and shall be considered an infringement of copyright liable to civil and criminal proceedings. Any re-sale, exchange, rental of files or transfer to a third party is strictly prohibited.

8.3 The content of the Courses and Paths indicated on our Platform are subject to one of the following Creative Commons licences, as indicated under the content submitted:

  • A Creative Commons “CC BY-NC-SA 4.0” licence called “Attribution-Non Commercial- ShareAlike 4.0” which allows the modification and adaptation of the content for non-commercial purposes, on condition only that the name of the author is mentioned and that the resulting creation is distributed under the same license as the original. For further information on the content of the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Creative Commons license, the Subscriber is invited to click on the following link:
  • A Creative Commons “CC BY-SA 4.0” licence called “Attribution-ShareAlike under the same Conditions 4.0” which allows content to be modified and adapted for commercial purposes, on the sole condition that the name of the author is referred to and that the resulting creation is modified or adapted only under the same conditions. For further information on the content of the Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0 licence, the Subscriber is asked to click on the following link:


Our privacy policy may be accessed online at the following url:


These Terms of Service are governed by French law.

In the event of a dispute and prior to referring the case to a tribunal, the Subscriber has the right to have recourse to mediation to reach an amicable solution.

The competent mediator is the “Médiateur des établissements privés à distance” [Mediator for private distance institutions]. You will find the mediator’s contact details via the following link:

Under the rules applicable to mediation, prior applying for mediation you are required to inform OpenClassrooms in writing about your complaint and that you are seeking an amicable solution.

Any request for information or claim relating to these Terms of Service must be sent by email to the Student Success Department whose contact details are as follows:

10 Quai de la Charente, 75019 Paris, France
Tel: +33 1 80 88 80 30