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Get Some Practice by Building Your Own Career Plan

It's Your Turn!

To get some practice, do the following exercise.

Build Your Career Plan

You are now entering the heart of the subject at hand: building your career plan.

During the previous chapters, you used a mind map to explore your professional interests and what you could do. It's time to create a new draft of your mind map!

You can map it on paper, or you can use one of several mindmapping tools available online or a software programme you're comfortable with.

Make sure to include the following:

  • Who you are (your qualities, values and skills).

  • Your preferred sectors of activity, companies and jobs that interest you.

  • Describe your ideal professional situation, in the short term (at least two months).

  • Evaluate the feasibility of your imagined ideal jobs.

  • Don’t hesitate to refer back to chapters 2 and 3 of this second part of the course to get off to a good start.

Check your work

Done? 👍 Check to see if your work includes the following.

  • Information related to personal exploration

  • Professional interests

  • Planned situations and their feasibility

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