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Introduction du cours

Every day, be it in your private or professional life, you are required to take a position on a variety of subjects: a hot topic, a societal question, a thorny problem at work, etc. However, you won't necessarily have an intimate knowledge of all of these subjects, and that’s okay! So you might ask yourself the following questions: how do I form an opinion? How do I sift through all of the available information? How do I make a good argument? We have an answer: learn to apply critical thinking!

This course offers you methods and practical tools to develop critical thinking for your everyday use:

  1. You'll learn that your mind sometimes plays tricks on you by using shortcuts that help you decide quickly, but this is cognitive bias and might be misleading.

  2. You will learn how to question the world around you and to structure your search for information.

  3. You will learn how critical thinking can help you to have constructive debates and avoid bad arguments.

Join us!

Meet Your Teachers

Camille is a cognitive sciences Ph.D. student researching decision-making in the medical context. Spreading scientific knowledge and methods (and especially critical thinking) to the general public is important to her, so she has joined Chiasma, a group of neuroscience researchers.

Christine Ravat-Farenc is a freelance soft skills trainer, as well as an actress and director. She applies these soft skills on a daily basis. She'll walk you through the course videos.

Marc is a passionate advocate of critical thinking. As a trainer, he works in universities, training centers, and companies. Marc has collaborated on this course with several cognitive science experts.

Peter is a Franco-British award-winning speaker, facilitator, trainer and consultant who has spent the past 10 years helping individuals and organizations overcome challenges relating to human behavior, business ethics and critical thinking. He is also Vice-President of the French Debating Association.

Table des matières

Exemple de certificat de réussite
Exemple de certificat de réussite